Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The White S90 Volvo reappears

Well, the car and driver covered in one of my recent posts seems to have reappeared in the neighborhood on the morning of August 27th. He parked his white Volvo on the north side of Chase just east of Ridge next to the alley. From my vantage point above the trees, I watched as the doo rag dude, without doo rag, exited the car. The camera was at work.

He headed toward the apartment building at Jarvis and Ridge. He wore his signature white t-shirt, but sported swimming trunks this morning. This is the one who lingered two Saturdays ago. As if in a trance, I departed to confirm my hunch. Behold, I discovered a Winnetka city sticker on the lower corner of his windshield.

Of course, we don't know that he is really from Winnetka with the city sticker. We don't know whether lives in the building. All we know is that he is at least visiting the building that he loitered in front of at a minimum. This time, I have the license plate.

Could it be that we are graced by the presence of an African American New Trier Graduate or Student who may feel obligated to drink his Old English 800 Malt Liquor at night at the corner of Jarvis and Ridge? Maybe he went to school at Northshore Country Day? I wonder if Winnetka's Finest would tolerate open alcohol in their neighborhoods? Perhaps, that is why he emigrates to Chicago from time to time. Illinois license plate G57 3923; look it up!

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