Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Rogers Park Armageddonist

About three summers ago, she suddenly disappeared. Perhaps, she lurks and perks, but I'm not there. Whether I was pulling out of the garage, taking out the garbage, or cleaning up, she rode slowly by. She looked like she was in her sixties. Perhaps, she was younger, having replaced her imbibing with another less hedonistic philosophical view.

There was the fire and brimstone theory on rapture folllowed by the accept it or be lost mentality. This bicycle riding armageddonist would drive her rather aging rusted Schwinn bicycle as if she was being followed by the four horseman of the apocalypse.

This rather rambunctious and regular display of pessimistic armageddonist smugness travelled unpredictably through the alley for about three to five years. Sometimes, she might skip a year. She seemed to completely disappear when things seemed to calm down in Rogers Park.

Perhaps, she stopped taking medication. Maybe she just grew out of it or moved to another church.