Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emanuel Predicted, Emanuel Elected. What's Next? Teachers Strike?

Traditionally, both the U.K. Labor Party and the U. S. Democrats have become the most palatable politicians to destroy unions.  Business will support these candidates and so-called liberals overlook these radical changes to the economic landscape.

I expect Emanuel's next jab at the Teacher's Union.  Besides, with Emanuel's kids safely tucked in The Latin School, does the Rahminator really care about Chicagoans with children in the public school system? Imagine if teachers at Latin School sat out for a day, perhaps a week, and demanded a vote for collective bargaining? Would they be locked out? Would enough pay attention?

Are many Latin School Teachers looking to network and treat their jobs as a transition? Well, I fear that we will experience all the mistakes that resulted in repetitive strikes in Daley Jr.'s early days.  Growing pains? Repeating history? 

I hope that good teachers stay with CPS. I suspect scapegoating of competent teachers for the sake of the political status quo. Its gone on for years with uncommitted parents blaming CPS, not their own lack of commitment, or that of other parents.

The consequences of losing experienced and well trained teachers is not worth the gamble. Teachers struggle for the attention of those kids.  Some have young irresponsible parents and this cycle of ignorance cannot be broken without attention. It is a parent-teacher-student bond that leads to continuing and successful education.

Of course, the continued layoff of CPS social workers and psychologists mean that emotionally challenged or mentally ill children have fewer people and legitimate places to go for positive support.  Will these budget cuts result in more financial loss through the golden road to unlimited room and board via the correctional centers. Those who struggle for attention need options for legitimate success.

Kids need a place to thrive. The home television just does not cut it. Oh brave new politics! We feign ignorance for the sake of appeasing the masses into oblivion.

In four years, will the City will be a different place? Will it be a better place?  In four years,will Mayor Emanuel succeed?
Is Rahm that far from Bernard Epton in his political views? I have to wonder. Any thoughts? Perhaps, this is a work in progress with comments to come.  Is Rahm a short term Chicagoan with a long term suburban mentality?  Is this what Chicago needs for urban renewal?

The public schools are part of the puzzle. Yet, depending upon private enterprise which may have greater incentive to dummy test scores inflate grades creates concern? How much oversight exists in the private charter schools? Does the composition of charter schools threaten education?  Can charter school staff more easily dummy up test scores due to less oversight? Or are these simply exaggerated claims?

Political Phone Calls - What the Deal with the Do Not Call List? Has Rogers Park Dummied Down?

Who is sick of receiving political calls? Why do politicians think that these calls will work? The calls have the reverse effect on me. For those who thought that politicians will honor the "Do not call list;" think again!

What a bunch of blithering hypocrites! 

To all those who appreciate our struggle to end idle chatter hinders productivity, then call one of the worst offenders, Rep. Schakowsky. Tell Jan to support a National Political Do Not Call List!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Experiencing the Rahmenon with Eyes Wide Open.

I was born and have lived in Chicago for nearly thirty years. My family has lived Chicago for over a Century. I have witnessed the Rahm phenomenon. I have concerns. I can only hope that he does a good job, but his staff's actions, as alleged by Gery Chico, may raise eyebrows at the U.S. Attorney's Office. 

Chicagoans should look at Rahm Emmanuel for what he is, what he has done, and what he can do. Also, what the other candidates want to do. This means some soul searching in spite of frustration with all the current candidates. Perhaps, Rahm really is the last candidate standing until the next election.

Our troubling Illinois Supreme Court precedent in Maksym is old news. The Illinois Legislature should look at the Burton Odelson Brief and the Hoffman decision in the Maksym case, as well. Yet, I know Illinois needs to move ahead with meaningful legislation when the elections end. Chicago Politics should not be reduced to a vacuum featuring Big Bill Thompson-like characters.

I recall with disappointment the inappropriate lambasting of Supreme Court Justice Heiple by Jenner and Block's Jerold Solovy through Bob Greene in the Baby Richard case. The response by the Illinois Legislature to impeach Heiple seemed more like a tribute to Solovy, who was both tenacious and tender in his practice. Yet, Heiple was dead on correct. I believe that Solovy may have wanted to up the body count. The Jenner Law firm seemed to use it's discretion for the Warburton Family to successfully tempt Loren Heinemann to fight. In that fight, Loren's fate as a licensed Illinois Attorney was sealed. Heinemann's other clients could no longer be served while he fought for the Kirchners with his license at risk. Otto Kirchner deserved his child back according to the U.S. Supreme Court, as well!

Here is another twist on Michael Kasper, who represented Rahm Emanuel. Kasper also represented Illinois in its fight to impeach Justice Heiple. Kasper was the Counsel to the Special Executive Committee for the Illinois House of Representatives for the purpose of impeaching Justice Ronald Heiple.  Perhaps, a coincidence, but it is interesting to ponder whether any of the Justices consider this unusual fact.

My concern: should Illinois Attorneys engage in what may appear like political vendettas? Mr. Kasper, don't get me wrong, we all know that we can do; the ethical challenge is, should we? Do our actions encourage Justices to make decisions that they later live to regret? It is their choice, I know, but ethical inconsideration through the use of Ben LaBolt like power can seriously complicate justice as some attorneys have argued.  I am not faulting Mr. Kasper, just the environment that creates our arguably overzealous steam that complicates and contorts justice to suit our needs.

This incident, among others, encourages me to believe, until convinced otherwise, that Justice Thomas and the Illinois Supremes punted. In doing so, out went Judge Hoffmann's plain meaning interpretation of the Illinois Municipal Code. However, there is no other choice but to respect the decision until the Illinois Legislature decides what it will do with it! To that, I say good luck!

Still, our politicians, including elected judges, must use wise discretion. I fear that Rahm Emmanuel's Ben LaBolt who purportedly put pressure on Gym Club owners suggest the Chicago to come.  That mentality must change! I'm glad that story surfaced. Perhaps, a future Mayor Emmanuel will read about it, investigate, and recognizes whose in his huddle. I hope that he and his staff use the gym for something other than fingerpointing. I can envision Rahm Emanuel holding a 'rat tail' to Representative Massas arse. Fortunately, Emanuel was not alleged to have gone that far!  Well, both incidents are on the record even if I dislike quoting Gery Chico's rhetoric and Fox News.

Our media must remain independent of too much suburban affluence and influence. It must cast aside the desire to promote 'Deal Estate' and focus on the day to day issues that affect everyday Chicagoans. I know that the Charter Schools are problematic. I appreciate challenges with the Chicago Public Schools. Children should not have children who never learned how to care about education! This can perpetuate itself.

When a public school sheds itself of a gang member, these misfits often end up in Charter Schools. The recent shootings at C.M.S.A. in Rogers Park demonstrate the challenge. Yet, Rahm Emmanuel and the media ignore this phenomenon that undermines the Charter educational system. Crime at Charter Schools too often goes underreported.  Hey Rahm, look at what gang members learn in the Charter Schools!

Chicago issues and challenges are best known by the residents who pound the pavement on a day to day basis. The marketing machine created by Rahm Emmnuel and Richard M. Daley suggest that the media can warped and overly anamored by oversights until it is too late.

Let's not sell out Chicago. Those who work in the media and live in the City that works must put pressure on inexperienced politicians who don't appreciate day to day challenges of City Life.

The media must not overdo its sensationalism and marketing glitz to mischaracterize Emmanuel as some sort of Camelot Conqueror. There are excellent Chicago Public Schools waiting for parents who actually spend time to work with their kids and know where to find these gems.

Again, let's get serious about Chicago, the media should muck rake the challenges and applaud the successes. I hope that if and when Rahm rolls in, he selects a staff that does more than look good in a suit and tie!