Saturday, October 09, 2010

Heartland Cafe Crisis - Fundraiser on 10/10/10 & 10/11/10 - Deadline Looms!

I just received the down low on the Heartland Cafe from After years of taking this inspiration for granted, and the rejuvenation it brings, it now has a bit of a challenge. I remain fond of breakfasts on the veranda, so that I expect to be there for a few days in hopes of reviving my memory.

In the interim, it will have a needed fundraiser with an event this Sunday, October 11, at 7pm and repeat on Monday.  For more information, use the above link.  If you have some gems of wisdom for Michael and Katy, then e-mail them at or

I hope that those in the neighborhood with a heart can help Michael through this challenge. As some may know, The Heartland Cafe did a significant revamp of its restaurant in 2009.  Many of us have seen similar challenges in recent days for other reasons. Our efforts to avoid debt vary with the size and type of our businesses. I regret that I know of them, but have not had the chance to speak with either in decades.

Maybe a bit of networking is in order for all of us.