Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rogers Park Garden Group will hold its 3rd Annual Garden sale. Last years sale had a silent auction and many contributors. If you have plants to donate, want to join the group, or simply want to meet those with similar interests, then stop by. Unfortunately, the group chose to locate this sale where near it meets at the Prebyterian Church on Greenleaf. Past sales have been in front of Charmers on Jarvis. The Charmers location is a much wiser choice. (maybe next year?)

Usually, items are eventually discounted, but you may want to arrive early to avoid what has been picked through. The Garden Sale helps support locally sustained gardens at the Metra Station, among other places in the Rogers Park Community. The Group meets at the Presbyterian Church at 1434 W. Greenleaf near Greenview.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Ode to Anonymous

There is no chuckle, no abuse, which comes from one who flew the roost. A writer who goes "anonymous," takes the fifth, but spews their rift. They’ll hide behind the orifice of some ill-begotten Thor and piss. They criticize, irrelevantly; that callous bash to wound a knee. They want 'the groan and McEnroe,' but often have just lost control.

They use no pen name for identification, but hope their thread caused aggravation. I regret to inform anonymous that chatter trying to batter doesn't convert to splatter. So when those who anonymously assume, post a verbal boom, act fast, don’t fret, they may simply not get enough, yet.

Well, anonymous, when your testosterone make you so hot, to smoke and blow at someone's lot, then pull a porno, bang the bed, just don’t let loose on someone's spread!

No hard feelings, I hope?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Howard Terminal Parking Lot Empties After Price Gouge

Standard Parking has once, again, outdone itself! It doubled its prices to $4 a day last January. In doing so, it simultaneously did little to solve the complaints. As a result, vendor Standard chased away many except for the abandoned and dilapidating cars. For those who climb the lot's staircase, the space seems like more of an intermittant urinal. Yes, I have repeatedly called and complained! Have you?

For $4 a day, who wants to do a waltz through an area that smells five fates worse than McCormick and Oakton. The unanticipated stench pierces the nostrils and may trigger the gag reflex. Of course, this pigeon palace leaves a few cars with an array of hood ornaments on departure! The elevator becomes the preferred route even if it takes a minute longer. Yet, even that area can also turn into a sudden cesspool with little abatement.

Does Standard Parking's HR Department do due diligence? Do these people really care who they hire? Does maintenance regularly and reasonably sanitize? I feel like the rent-a-rogues would rather play with their cell phones and sleep than monitor and report the piss fiend. For all the cameras confronting each nook and cranny, it seems like security remains too lathargic to care, coordinate, and confront. I find some asleep when I pass the front desk in the evening. Yes, the sleeping spells are sporadic, but it took several knocks on the glass before I woke up one rent-a-rogue during his night shift.

Is the price right? Given the walk, I could use the exercise, but the bus is just a quarter. Who still parks at the Howard Terminal?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

High and Low Rogers Park Area Affordable Restaurants for Service Only

This list covers all Restaurants that are accessible and affordable. This is not the most appetizing, but the ones that deliver. How many times have you sat and waited for eternity. This list may be a go to list. Disagree? Then comment and I'll investigate with stop watch in hand. I will likely start updating this list, because I am tired of the current state of Chicago Area Wait Staff.

We need to support good wait staff and encourage the poor to improve. Otherwise, the gems for food simply go out of business.

The Good Mid Range with fastest on top:

1. Ruby Tuesday -- (Lincolnwood Town Center) Salad bar quickly quells, food comes soon after. Not the epecurian delights that follow, but efficient when your quacking stomach demands attention.

2. Chilies - Evanston - Its sad, because Chilies does the job based upon service, speed and choices. We prefer other local RP restaurants. We should be able to get served appetizers at Hop Haus sooner than it takes to drive, order and be served at Chilies.

3. Heartland Cafe - Rogers Park - The nachos come out quick and usually satisfy long enough for the entre delay. Perhaps, this has improved.

2. Merle's Barbeque - Evanston - 'Usually' efficient enough. Use and you will be seated upon entry!

3. Lucky Platter - Evanston - On Main. People go for the service and the choices. Good, not great, but efficient eats

4. Chilies - Evanston - Its sad, because it is the pick me up speed of service that is why we go; we prefer other locals. We should be able to get served appetizers at Hop Haus sooner than it takes to drive, order and be served at Chilies.

Honorable Mention - L. Woods (Lincolnwood), Red Lobster (Lincolnwood Town Center) and Dixie Kitchen (Evanston)- the bread comes quick and can quell, but the food just does not come out as efficient on a consistent basis.

The Disappointing (the worst on top)

1. Jamaican Jerk - I have not been back due to the delay in at least four years. I was tempted to walk, but felt compassion for the owner. Good meal; slow as tortoise soup service. I may return for carry out.

2. Bakers Square - Rogers Park - In my humble, many are disappointing. My last trip in February introduced me to Melissa; I found her to be a disaster on 2/28! I hope she improves.

3. Hop Haus - Rogers Park - Good food Service was slow 2 out of 3 trips to date. Love the burgers, hate the wait. Beer usually efficient, but not perfect. Please improve!!! Wake up the wait staff.

4. Leona's -- Rogers Park - Great food Service is slow except for bread and spread, but often the bread runs out and you want to lick the tomato sauce out of the container due to the delay for dinner.

I have not included all the options. Obviously, China Buffet is instant gratification. Also Dengeo's of Skokie is a pick up and sit with no wait staff. Both are efficient options without an inconsistent staff. Bravo is quick, but in a higher price point; my choice over Chilies if not concerned on price.

Overall, is it me or has the quality of wait staff at many places dropped way too many notches in the last few decades? Where do you go when you need an efficient restaurant server? What's their name? Where do we find them?