Thursday, September 09, 2010

Charmer's Garden Makes Local News, while Joe and the Rahminator Ponder the Mayoral Election

On the eve of Rosh Hashana, a new genesis.  As Craig Gernhardt re-pots, The Charmer's Garden emerged from a temporary hole in the ground created by the CDOT. It was a stroke of brilliance in the midst of confused shock, Dan. You are not to be completely faulted.  Joe has presented it as it is.

Hindsight is always 20/20.   However, who can fault mother nature and manicured green spaces?  Will someone be passing the plate at the next Rogers Park Garden Group Fall Treasures Sale to help offset and support this adventure? Is the contractor bilking the City? Or is did the contractor simply have to delay pouring plans and rent new molds for a different curb type at an additional cost? As it is written,  Location location location!

Dan and Joe both mean well.  I think most of us realize, including Joe, that the garden is a better idea.  However, you can't fault Joe for the response and course of action taken after Dan completed his thesis on political theater for Bandito Gardening 101.  Hindsight is always 20/20. Dan did not think to ask until the patch of earth opened up like the Dead Sea. It is unclear if Moses would approve.  However, Joe knows the $2Gs is worth the improvement on that corner.  That area just keeps getting better!

FWIW, if those of us from RP had a choice, I hope we'd choose Joe Moore over the Rahminator in a mayoral election.  Rahm Emmanuel grew up in North Shore's prestigious Ramona and New Trier finishing schools. Rahm's first few years at Anshe Emet nursery school and kindergarten were dubious moments of residence presented in Wikipedia. However, Rahm ascended and took over Rod's old throne, which is now run by Congressman Michael Quigley

The reason why Bill Daley chose Rahm Emmanuel in 1989 was for his alleged suburb connections to raise funds for Friends of Bill Clinton (FOB).  The rest is history. Of course, his educational pedigree helped. Since then, Emmanuel shoehorned himself into Chicago politics after Rod left a void in that Congressional District once reserved for Dan Rostenkowski. Most of us know that there are too many Chicagoans, who are in better touch with Chicago, than Rahm.  The Rahmeister has lived on the Beltway and should stay there.  He knows how to schmooze and can continue to lobby.  He should have challenged Kirk for his position, but that might have proven too difficult in a world without Abner Mikva for so long. 

It makes sense that Bill Singer and Rahm Emmanuel have ties, since both seem to have an awkward opportunistic streak. However, it is unclear that Singer could have done better in that mayoral race with Hizzoner without Jesse Jackson's support. At least Singer spent much more of his life in Chicago.

However, suburban money will back Rahm unless Chicago politics can somehow limit contributions from outside concerns. For many of us, the disappearing act of Richard M. Daley does create a void encouraged and arguably nurtured by the DNC.  Now, the consequences of incumbency are clear.  Will we have another Hillary Clinton type election in Chicago with an arguable carpetbagger taking center stage?

I really don't think that Rahm 'knew Jack' about living in Chicago, even when he served as a U.S. Representative.  I'm glad to hear that Daley will not do a Dick Devine and endorse a questionable candidate.  Well, I almost did.  However, I changed my tune and my vote to Anita Alvarez days before the primary when suddenly it became clear that Milan's candidacy was going nowhere. He began to appear more like Burkett and less like Milan.

However, even if Joe runs, and he should seriously think about it, I see Fioretti and perhaps Danny Davis as serious threats over Rahm. Joe may want brainstorm with David Orr, among others on the North Side. Joe will need to seek Evanston and Schakowsky for support, as well.