Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Will there be a Aldermanic Run Off in 49? IVI IPO inappropriate

Seems to me that we got our wish. I hope that those who threw in the towel and voted for Moore will review and other community endorsements. The IVI IPO endorsement is a farce. IVI seems to endorse locals based upon their national, NOT local views, votes and advocacy. IVI has a preference towards incumbents with a track record, not locals with strong community ties in my opinion. Which candidate creates the most attractive anti-Iraq War flyer does not matter much to Rogers Park Residents. Joe does not vote in Congress, Jan Schakowsky does. A City Council resolution on Iraq is irrelvant and takes time away from the responsibility of advocating for our neighborhoods. Don Gordon can do it. Some just need to think twice, study, vote once, and let Craig document the donut trail.

Craig, forgive me, but there is a lot of retail in our district. It caters well to those, who spend more time in the neighborhood. Milton Friedman suggests that we let the market dictate who is our vendors. Frankly, many of us shop for supplies and items at Costco, Sam's and Target, while RP and Chicago lose the tax base Evanston and Niles. Target on Peterson is too far south, but Marshalls is not. I have spent some time at El Famous Burrito on Clark just northeast from the overpriced acronym Greek Breakfast joint. Chris Adams should try it, sometime. Perhaps, he has.

I think that Craig Gerhardt deserves a standing ovation for bringing us the local news and some choice photos of Moore's warriors and his local challengers. Those photos of Fagus were totally golden. This is Council Wars reborn. I wonder if Aaron Freeman ever checks out Bleeding Heart. Although I agree to disagree on Chris Adams' candidacy as well as the occasional provocative tone. I think Chris Adams' heart is in the right place, even if we disagree on some issues. Craig posted some great photos of Don Gordon, Harrington, Didier and all of those, who want less of Moore. It takes time to do that and I don't know how Craig can keep a day job.
That in itself is a story.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How do you s[p]ell Apathy- 55G to 5G RP Voters Lose

As a resident, I want to thank all of those who took the time to vote. I also want to thank those who ran and put up with our criticism. I thank the eventual winner, where he actually pays any attention and gives us more than 'lip service' and poll prancing to victory at the local nursing homes. All that politically sputters in RP seems to be riding a wave, rather than fulfilling real needs like viable education. I find that our current Alderman wants to develop not only real estate, but the future educational needs of a real estate moguls children or those of non-resident liquor store owners, not our kids.
Building a school and making those schools work for our children's committment and trust are two different worlds. The new construction would be great if the test scores demonstrated that such efforts made much of a difference. So far, there are lots of school construction contracts and little in terms of educational gains in our neighborhood schools. Again, the contractor's employees and suburban CEOs can now send their kids to Harvard and Yale with our educational dollars.

I am sure that all of us wanted our choice to get free LaSalle office space and focus upon the communities needs, not just those of absentee suburbanite landlords or national figures, who seem to think geese gullets lack cartilage and that those flying feasts make great pets. I apologize to more sensitive vegans. We can only hope for a run off, so that the remaining candidates get a chance to demonstrate their platforms and maybe encourage more to vote. Can you imagine, one thirteenth of registered voters decided to visit the polling place.

Schillers Ward had double the voter turnout at about 11,000. Our Ward needs a little more attention to progress and that means reasonable goals that benefit the community, not incumbency. We don't want a DevCorpse. Sam Leone would be rolling around in his grave if he knew what Joe did to his program on the Lake. Joe bring it back!

Go Gordon - Chris Adams: A Regressive Vision for Carpetbagging Candidacies

My experiences with Craig Gs Bleeding farts have gone to new lows. When I noticed that the Craigmeister went hook, line and sinker for Chris Adams, well, that was a colon blow for me. I had to pull out my Fiber-Sure and begin mixing. Man, I hate to use these analogies, but at forty something, I have seen prettier faces get ripped by Charmin. Vote for Don Gordon. Let the Sun Shine on Rogers Park. Don is a thirty year resident, who has earned the right to sit in City Hall and represent the 49th Ward.

I wondered, who is Craig G, anyway. What politicians roll his oats? Well, Craig, like many of us, found Kerry when Howard Dean got goofy, but I just could not ignore how Kerry's mannerisms became remiscent of the Gary Hart move that made JFK famous. I thought about Kerry's polished Vietnam boater's credibility challenge. In the end, I felt in the Kerry-Boosh deal that Americans were being forced to choose between worse and worst. Of course, the O'Rielly factor over at Fox claimed to have a soft spot for Kerry, as well, so go figure. Craig, you did not pick a winner in Christopher, IMHO. I will go down knowing that I voted my conscience, even if I needed to do some soul searching.

Chris A wears his photographs with Democrats, well. Yet Adam's politics were alleged to run Red as a Republican in heat. Sure, Adams was a Jimmy Carter page, but he was no DNC strategist. This guy appears to spend his days writing in Waukegan and living la vida conservativa. I am not a Joe Moore fan and won't post Moore's signs in my yard, nor allow it. However, I have Excedrin TM headache eyeballs when I think about Chris Adams in the 49th's Aldermanic chair. By his own admission, Chris has lived in the 49th for seven years. He now thinks that he is a Ward 49 guru. His platform is 'mo retail.' He has to have a different mindset and he doesn't, yet. A new vision with the wrong tinted goggles. Education, get it!

If Chris is a guru, then Sandy Goldman,, is the Dalai Lama and I merely a fellow Kvetching monk in hiding. We certainly can drum a chorus of ohmmmmms for our omnivorous concerns. Chris A reports for Waukegan residents, part of Lake County which is a bastion for Bushicans in my opinion. Has anyone seen some of the political advertisements on 94 and 41? Scary! Chris Adams even supports an organization that arguably resides at the RNC Convention every four years. Yep, I have 'helped' coach at Warren Park B-Ball, too, but at least I have the nalgas to admit that I prefer Independence, carnal. I will not pose for the camera and overexpose myself. Chris, run as a Republican, maybe then we can begin to trust you, payaso.

In my opinion, if we had la votas, it would be a Don Gordon victory. I hope that Gordie gets more momentum and comes back for another try in a run off, if necessary. In the interim, we may be stuck with Mr. Hollywood, again, because I cannot see voting for Adams who hangs around with Phyllis Schlafly, among others. Although I find Phyllis to have an occasional reasonable thought; the world becomes rift with obnoxious people and less manners as public cussing has gone to innappropriate levels.

I just don't find the national platform that Adams stands on to have much credibility in our Ward. All of the other candidates are too one issued and short circuited in their approaches. Adams for retail; Ginderske for healthcare. Most of these issues don't focus on education or safety. Gee wiz, folks, have we ever bother to check our local ISATs? Armstrong? Gale? Jordan? Sullivan? Oops, didn't we short circuit our priorities, here? I mean most of the community has gone NCA, St. Margaret Mary, British School, North Shore, Roycemore, etc. etc. I call it brain death, folks, where are these venture politicians when you need them? Chasing the giant with toothpicks?

If Adams cannot stand on the solid ground level issues of his peers, then how can he stand for the interests of the 49th Ward . . .my two sense, not!

I plan to post as much as I can on Chris Adams. Perhaps, many support him. However, if J-Moore wins, then I regret that our community could not support one candidate, rather than create an oil slick starring 'the unpredictables.' That is how I summarize the 2007 Flock of political has beens, losers, and wannabes of the 49th Ward of Chicago. I understand Chef Didier also supports Don Gordon.

Foie Gras, anyone?