Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Philosophical Diatribe on the Present Potty Politique

Deeply embedded in the human psyche is the desire to do right for some moral imperative. The challenge is that the political mind sometimes warps into contortion and neglect from those with an undying agenda. This strategy may be to gain attention and eventually amass power for themselves or a group to the angst or prejudice of others. Whether it is some preacher or teacher, some pervert or politician, Democrats or demogogues, Republicans or Public G-ds, there are some who claim to act with a clear mind and good will towards men, but others with an undying desire to cheat, divide, conquer, and prosper. Behind every proposed privilege, right or responsibility is a plan rarely envisioned with moral precision.

For some, their digressions and oversights may arguably be unconscious. Nevertheless, they are too blinded by greed, ignorance, or privilege to enjoy their abilities and passions. There are some, no doubt, who take advantage of the incompetence and flaws of others. Call them power brokers, whether they are neo-nazis or nincompoops, nationalists or nihilists, but they still ride in the same souped-up limousine in a different decade. Each carries a different level of ferocity depending upon the status quo. This power elite feeds on the moment whether it appears passive, predatory, but preferably more tempered by law, order, and (G-d forbid) common sense. They come from all regions in a variety of ideologies, religions, shades, shapes and sizes. They set up their tents and sell whatever snake oil the public will buy to make them king.

To all, the consequences of anger and ineptitude are the same; man-made conflict with the eventual garnish of ingratitude. If you question new authority, will the next set of subliminal stormtroopers attack with subtle disgust or seething violence? Can man, an animal, create peace on earth without beaching the species like a school of whales on the horizon of some self serving armeggedon seeker on a misdirected power trip?

Eventually, some of us become engaged only when mediocrity and meddling rules, while confusion, fear or loathing pools among those within the critical mass. Why do we wait for chaos to set in? Political correctness, poorly contemplated is an excuse for the obsessively polite; it does breed contempt. Call us liberals, radicals, reactionaries, White Roses or the green gladiolas, the hope is to prove ourselves. Sometimes we must challenge the seemingly irrational convulsions of the body politique in need of Depakote or Kaopectate. Perhaps, our average Joe needs social detox from the common man with a sixpack of Berghoff's and a few reasonable neighbors.

With that in mind, have I been too subliminal about my opinions about Rogers Park Politics or the rest of the world for that matter? Is there any hope for this philosphical diatribe? Where's Harold when we need him?