Wednesday, January 17, 2007


My intention is to inconsistently periodically post observations about life in the Rogers Park neighborhood without giving a blow by blow interpretation of life on the ground. It is likely to be a bit more optimistic than BH, but opinionated, as well. There is little political ambition, just observations of that which may occasionally frustrate to those of us who are supposed to be paying attention to the needs of this Community and its streetscape.

We benefit from the Chicago Public School System when possible and hope that our luck will continue through high school. We periodically clean off neighborhood grafitti from thoughtless taggers, because Streets and San is too slow. We participate in local AYSO Soccer Leagues and the Warren Park Youth Baseball League. We have visited Lifeline theater on Glenwood and attended an art fair or two. Spent time at the China Buffet, Gullivers, Heartland Cafe, Jackies, P&S, Bakers Square, among other sites. Watched neighbors wheel their golf carts to Black down Ridge. We have participated on Halloween, which happens on our block.

We use the lakefront and travel on the CTA and PACE. We look forward to the final revamp of the Howard "L" Terminal. We have seen much improvement and enjoy use of Potawatomi Park and are not intimidated by integration. We attend annual get togethers with Neighbors. We don't attend the Political Shindigs, but have attended Rogers Park Historical Society events. Where do we go from here? Well, so far after nearly a decade, not further North!

Well, with bloggers has come attention, but I have not seen much of a challenge on our block. It is either an occassional beer can or liquor bottle, which can be cleaned up with little effort, when necessary. Perhaps, a garage door that does not close and its aftermath, which may NOT end up as disasterous as some think. I experienced the same growing up in Highland Park, but without the density. Yet, there are things that need improvement and the loss of the Junior Lifeguard program at Leone Beach was a disappointment.

Any thoughts from those with similar mentalities or those who don't appreciate the positive changes, overall? Of course, much of the changes come from those who care and actually keep those responsible in check. FWIW