Saturday, January 30, 2010

Politcal Waffle Boarding Descends on Rogers Park.

I don't mind political waffleboards as long as 'my family consents to the boards being on our lawn (my sentiments aside). This is the name that I call the plastic cardboard corrogated political signs with the metal prongs. What some call freedom of speech, but others call political propaganda, urban blight, or trespassing depending upon perspective. It is to blindly persuade those who are waffling over who to vote for, not for those who really care.

Yet, when people live in a shared community, such as an apartment or condo, I don't think that one should nail heels on the native's feet to quote George Carlin. It seems rude and arguably counterproductive without the consent of the tenants, ownership or management.

This is a bit different than wheatpasting an anti-nuke poster over ads on a CTA Platform. Albeit that might seem to some like a lesser form of civil disobedience, even if it is a petty criminal offense. Is there any justice in this synthetic plastic encroachment?

Of course, a political waffleboard is not as harsh as waking up to graffiti on the brick wall of your home or apartment. A political waffleboard has the essence of blind partisanship that presumes or disrespects what others may think. The name for name's sake mentality is an unfortunate fear of politicians. So they foist their name on the electorate in fear of their opponent. It is a rather anti-FDR-like gesture. Apparently, they fear "fear itself!"

Why should Chicagoans tolerate non-consensual Freedom of Speech encroachment on private property. There are too many candidates/supporters who neglect to ask for prior consent! The city has an easement on the parkways, not our political hacks. If 'waffle-boarding' was a strict liability crime, then I realize opponents might remove and place the signs in the most offensive locations for the sake of screwing their opponent. Of course, doing so might backfire, and get the opposition elected. Am I missing another equally reasonable perspective?