Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Return of Blagula, Part II. The Bite on Burris

Well, it looks like a vaccuum looms. Roland Burris is now the next politician that Blagula has permanently sucked the integrity from. The bite of Blagula is now less than golden. The only concern is whether the next next nominee proves equally afflicted. Too many have been named or rose too fast to avoid the obvious conflict. Therefore, a quick conclusion; those who donated, sucked, or offered to suck blood for the Blagojevich treasure chest will raise questions. Anyone named by Blagula should be required to run for office at this point. Will Creature Features continue?

Well, now we have have it; the 'Transylvania Twist;' According to the Washington Post:

"Burris repeatedly changed his story about how he was appointed. He is facing calls for his resignation after he admitted trying to raise money for Blagojevich. Burris has said he did nothing improper. He refused to comment after his meeting with Durbin."

I understood that our politicians knew that Burris donated $20,000 to Blagula prior to its decision to bestow the beef to Burris. Now, Durbin and Quinn have done 360s on Burris. This sort of "do as I say, not what I do" 'spastification' by politicians creates a bazaar credibility gap that you can fly a 747 through. What will be next? Perhaps, an election is in order? Is there anyone credible and senior enough among the Dems who lacks Blagula's bite marks?

Is there a conflict of interest that obligates an independent counsel to 'vet' all of Quinn's nominee? Or will a 'might is right mentality' loom large, as usual? Is it good to be dah king? Will the Feds tap Quinn's power line? Should an Attorney General Madigan, who is poised to pounce on the Senate seat be responsible for investigating Burris? In egomaniacs we trust? Stay tuned for another episode of "As the Senate Seat Swerves."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quinn the Populist: Noses like Reconstituted Pork and Sheep Dip

How Clintonesque, Governor Quinn! You certainly possess Starr qualities. Why do politicians conveniently ignore facts at the onset? Now, we must rehash the obvious. No, Burris did not have sex with Rod. For those who did not know, Senator Burris, along with many other Democrats helped Blagojevich raise funds. Why? Because, he's dah king, but certainly not the brightest bulb nor are the others, either! Supporting Guv Jailhouse Rock was not something exclusive to Roland Burris. It was part of the public record that Burris donated $20Gs to Governor Sunshine. Now, Quinn and the media defrost the obvious. This was old news.

Now, suddenly, an opportunity arises for the Eskimo to get something 'golden' as our former Governor once put it. Quinn just can't resist getting his thumbs stuck in the plum pie. Horner, he is not. Quinn, don't say, "what a good boy am I!" We are tired of your plays for passion.

Everyone knows that that dramatic and outraged sell the most papers. Whether it's Papa Kass singing Springfield Dreamin' or some other commentator laying down his own track on this muse, one thing is clear, we need someone to represent us. Politics always seems to create sore ducks waiting to plunge. As some Democratic Ducks plunge the party deeper into the ice this winter, a psalm.

May we do away with excessive campaign contributions, campaign dinner overdrive, and ban pronged plastic signs pitched on our parkways. May we allow those to make buttons for candidates as a way to provide the little guy a means to capitalize. May we figure out a way to inform voters before they vote for some American or Irish sounding name. Do we ever hear IVI/IPO discuss the conflicts of interest and pan the detailed or vague positions on issues? May Illinois and all our our states earn an electorate that actually cares about something other than who gave them a free ear of roasted corn, a breakfast banana, or which candidate had the most good hair days.
Quinn the Eskimo needs to go back in his igloo and rethink his bold and cold rhetoric. I regret that the second shoe never seems to drop 'Fast Eddie' enough in Chicago or Illinois. Perhaps, Mr. Fitzgerald can teach us how it is done. Maybe, a few more politicians can stop stashing away their campaign contributions for the next election or an early retirement for that matter. Campaign deform has gotten no where very slowly. The loopholes were simply moved a little to the right or left. Does Quinn the kettle calls the pot black?

Governor knee jerk, again, bows to the tabloid ice cannons. LeBon's mind theory? Well, it did not work for Sly and the Family Stone in Grant Park and it is certainly creating a failing grade for Illinois politics. Is there a politician with a backbone in the House? Too idealistic am I?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thoughts of a Cold, Mad and Impatient Rogers Park Dog Walker

It is cold this evening. For those stuck with the dirty duty, some inspirational thoughts to think or verbalize to your precious pooch:

1. Purse your a** and let it pass.

2. Pucker Tucker and release that sucker.

3. Free that pee and let it freeze.

4. Flash your a** or get a rash.

Any additional dog evacuation cheers are welcome. Not that I can imagine my niece's cousin getting on the cheerleader pyramid for 'the beast' this evening. Perhaps, maybe the da*n dog will appreciate the pressing need to spend less time imersed in snow flakes and sub-zero wind chill. Slainte.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Know Your Enemies? Why?

The word "enemy" left my mindset decades ago. I don't know who convinced me, but I excised this social tumor from my vocabulary. I may dislike what people occasionally say, do, or how they act. I may be disappointed with myself, at times. Those who oppose my opinion may be temporarily ignorant or I, the same. Perhaps, they are reasonable, yet unwilling to listen. Why consider those who occassionally disturb me, an enemy? We just disagreed or had some disappointing moment. Why not forgive and move on?

At times, it may seem silly to me how other people dress. I may dislike what some may say, do, or think on one topic or another. I may take offense when people forget to pick up after their dog. Someone may callously drop their Dorito Bags on our front lawn. However, why hate a person, when what they do bothers you, not who they are? Manners are fleeting. I hope that my children never despise, envy, or hate others. I choose to have no enemies. Frankly, I can't afford them. Are enemies for the more affluent? Are enemies for the more shortsighted?

There are probably people intent on labeling us. I hope that I never aggravate anyone, even if I agree to disagree on one issue or another. This is bound to happen. There is no one in any of the communities which I consider myself among, who I will ever consider an enemy. These folks may be upset and may demonize us. I may also feel overlooked, at times. However, some of us are more isolated at times than others.

I know that it is natural for all of us to be 'occasionally' envious, even jealous, of the success of others. This is particularly true when we are frustrated, but misdirecting hostility. However, I would rather overcome envy and learn from success stories. Also, share in someone's happiness without appearing like a leach.

There are times where I will be excluded. I will also appear to have bad mannners at some odd moment. Those who wear tinted lenses may criticize yet display the same unknowing flaws. We all leave our manners at the door, at times. I don't hold grudges. The expression "it is like the pot calling the kettle black" sums up the hypocrisy of life. Righteous indignation comes full circle, so I would rather be humble. I would rather make friends out of those who might consider me an enemy. Yet, I accept that regardless of my efforts, this may never happen.

Decisions are made and commitments, as well. The reason why I try to maintain my 'relative obscurity' is due to the less outspoken in my family; also the desire to maintain relative privacy. In the effort to reach out to old acquaintances and friends, I try to honor my spouse who thinks it important to be discreet. There is a tenuous compromise. There are people who fear others due to their obscurity. In doing so, they may choose to view us as enemies, rather than potential friends or good neighbors.

No one is perfect. I am sure that I occasionally upset others. Public examples of hypocrisy are embarrassing to public figures, but it comes with the salary. Only the most pompous are incapable of accepting and recognizing. I would rather work toward eliminating flaws. Impulse and unconscious actions are often misunderstood.

Hatred is alien and evil to me. The terms "enemy" and "hate" seem like terms for those who are incapable of burying the hatchet any place other than in another person's back. Two wrongs don't make a right. My hatchet is in the ground when I am done with the verbal woodshed and it usually stays there. If I am mistaken, I retract. Why miss out on opportunities due to petty indifferences? I am too busy trying to deal with the priorities in our lives then to consider anyone an enemy.

There will always be those who are unable or just won't care about us, some who are too busy, and others who will and express it. Why close the door unless there is actual danger, not just ignorance, misdirected enmity, or anxiety. Shalom.

Monday, February 09, 2009

For all the Chatter, News from Country Club Hills

Rogers Park is a dense and diverse community. Its newcomers insist on a crime free existance. Its natives recognize that Chicago is getting better, but with a few bumps on the way. Some neighborhoods get bumped harder than others at times. Certainly, the school system re-orients itself. Devoted children and their parents find public school alternatives. Others rush to judgment by leaving or support the parochial, religious and private school systems. Life has its challenges.
People get jobs; people lose jobs. Gangs attract those in need of attention and more devoted communities and parents; Police arrest the thugs who are compelled to get too much attention or fast money, among other things. Life in a densely populated City has its bumps and bruises. It also has its advantages. Most of us find solace, when we improve our neighborhood, rather than dwell on every nook and cranny at every moment.

It is now nearly eleven consecutive years in Rogers Park, but twenty-two years on the North side. I have never lived in a community that had five murders in one weekend. I regret hearing about the five lost lives in Country Club Hills over this weekend. Rogers Park as a community should continue to positively re-direct those prone to randomly questionably provocative or violent outburst. Strangely, I understand that some who comment no longer live here. Good manners are not just the responsibility of politicians. Let's communicate, but try to work with Rogers Park Community Groups to improve the area. Running around with pitchforks and torches ignore challenges and create more chaos. Let's anticipate that if we are unwilling to enjoy what we have, then others may take that joy from us. Carpe diem.

When the warmth sets in, we can walk with those neighbors who want to walk. We can assist with the art festivals, garden walks, and home history tours. We can walk our beaches and bike the paths both north and south. We can elevate to the ball games. We can secure beach front for one reason or another in the early morning. We can enjoy our gardens, jungle gyms, parks, and zoos (yes, Indian Boundary and Lincoln Park).

If you are in Beat 2424, then you have a number of opportunities to leash the dog and head out with Bernard Garbo, among others. Meet your neighbors, act responsibly, take care of your block when others won't. Enjoy your surroundings, discover your options and above all, smile! We haven't had a Country Club Hills experience nor do I expect one. Life could always be better, but it is certainly good.