Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Return of Blagula, Part II. The Bite on Burris

Well, it looks like a vaccuum looms. Roland Burris is now the next politician that Blagula has permanently sucked the integrity from. The bite of Blagula is now less than golden. The only concern is whether the next next nominee proves equally afflicted. Too many have been named or rose too fast to avoid the obvious conflict. Therefore, a quick conclusion; those who donated, sucked, or offered to suck blood for the Blagojevich treasure chest will raise questions. Anyone named by Blagula should be required to run for office at this point. Will Creature Features continue?

Well, now we have have it; the 'Transylvania Twist;' According to the Washington Post:

"Burris repeatedly changed his story about how he was appointed. He is facing calls for his resignation after he admitted trying to raise money for Blagojevich. Burris has said he did nothing improper. He refused to comment after his meeting with Durbin."

I understood that our politicians knew that Burris donated $20,000 to Blagula prior to its decision to bestow the beef to Burris. Now, Durbin and Quinn have done 360s on Burris. This sort of "do as I say, not what I do" 'spastification' by politicians creates a bazaar credibility gap that you can fly a 747 through. What will be next? Perhaps, an election is in order? Is there anyone credible and senior enough among the Dems who lacks Blagula's bite marks?

Is there a conflict of interest that obligates an independent counsel to 'vet' all of Quinn's nominee? Or will a 'might is right mentality' loom large, as usual? Is it good to be dah king? Will the Feds tap Quinn's power line? Should an Attorney General Madigan, who is poised to pounce on the Senate seat be responsible for investigating Burris? In egomaniacs we trust? Stay tuned for another episode of "As the Senate Seat Swerves."

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