Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quinn the Populist: Noses like Reconstituted Pork and Sheep Dip

How Clintonesque, Governor Quinn! You certainly possess Starr qualities. Why do politicians conveniently ignore facts at the onset? Now, we must rehash the obvious. No, Burris did not have sex with Rod. For those who did not know, Senator Burris, along with many other Democrats helped Blagojevich raise funds. Why? Because, he's dah king, but certainly not the brightest bulb nor are the others, either! Supporting Guv Jailhouse Rock was not something exclusive to Roland Burris. It was part of the public record that Burris donated $20Gs to Governor Sunshine. Now, Quinn and the media defrost the obvious. This was old news.

Now, suddenly, an opportunity arises for the Eskimo to get something 'golden' as our former Governor once put it. Quinn just can't resist getting his thumbs stuck in the plum pie. Horner, he is not. Quinn, don't say, "what a good boy am I!" We are tired of your plays for passion.

Everyone knows that that dramatic and outraged sell the most papers. Whether it's Papa Kass singing Springfield Dreamin' or some other commentator laying down his own track on this muse, one thing is clear, we need someone to represent us. Politics always seems to create sore ducks waiting to plunge. As some Democratic Ducks plunge the party deeper into the ice this winter, a psalm.

May we do away with excessive campaign contributions, campaign dinner overdrive, and ban pronged plastic signs pitched on our parkways. May we allow those to make buttons for candidates as a way to provide the little guy a means to capitalize. May we figure out a way to inform voters before they vote for some American or Irish sounding name. Do we ever hear IVI/IPO discuss the conflicts of interest and pan the detailed or vague positions on issues? May Illinois and all our our states earn an electorate that actually cares about something other than who gave them a free ear of roasted corn, a breakfast banana, or which candidate had the most good hair days.
Quinn the Eskimo needs to go back in his igloo and rethink his bold and cold rhetoric. I regret that the second shoe never seems to drop 'Fast Eddie' enough in Chicago or Illinois. Perhaps, Mr. Fitzgerald can teach us how it is done. Maybe, a few more politicians can stop stashing away their campaign contributions for the next election or an early retirement for that matter. Campaign deform has gotten no where very slowly. The loopholes were simply moved a little to the right or left. Does Quinn the kettle calls the pot black?

Governor knee jerk, again, bows to the tabloid ice cannons. LeBon's mind theory? Well, it did not work for Sly and the Family Stone in Grant Park and it is certainly creating a failing grade for Illinois politics. Is there a politician with a backbone in the House? Too idealistic am I?

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