Sunday, March 08, 2009

Is RP Broken Heart - by Invitation Only? Did you Make the Hellhole Cut? An Epitaph for Public RP News? Too Much Optimism? Is the Morse Still Open?

Today's Challenge is finding Craig's Blog restricted after my two week hiatus. This restriction notice bars my access to Craig's Hellhole. Does it bar yours, as well? Many of us, including Craig, are embarrassed or unreasonably scolded in public in one blog capacity or another. Therefore, some create and use anonymous user name with consistency.

My wife is friends with a famous Chicago area garden blogger. My wife remains anonymous on the other site with the author's consent even if they are good friends. We are just too busy with other amusements and responsibilities to spend as much time on Blogger. Craig is our fearless loss leader.

A few of us try to grasp at privacy, but vent angst. We let some know who we are, who we meet, but we don't see as threats. Perhaps, they forget because they are too busy or we lose touch due to their blogularity. At times, my words deceive my intentions; sometimes, they don't. Occasionally, we are mistaken. That's why I encourage comments, so I can correct and reasonably retract. So much for consistency! I discourage hatred.
Over the last week, I definitely know that I would prefer 'to live' in Rogers Park, then not! It was wonderful when that skyscraper sized meteor missed the Earth by 44,750 miles! The stock market is no where near the tragedy of that potential cataclysm. Internet news suggests that the North Shore no bastion of cleanliness or safety, either. In the last five years, there are as many beggars on Maple Avenue near Evanston's Century Theater as Wabash and Adams. Streetwise, anyone?

When people verbally attack others, not their actions, then bloggers, among others, can get upset. I choose to attack the actions of others. Yet, I have made fun at the expense of a few public figures. I don't want enemies nor think anyone should have them.

I hope that the hypocrisy ends. Unfortunately, I fear that Craig the Brokenhearted has become a statistic. He wanted us to feel the occasional frustrations of living in Rogers Park on Morse by the Redline. Perhaps, he is too frustrated with being personally attacked on the blogoscape. Lines of communication are a good thing. Taking the Broken Heart private is unfortunate, but I can live without it if I must. Those of us in the private set want the privilege of reading Craig's materials in peace and reasonably comment without having to second guess every gesture on the street.

Craig's roving reporter, the equally anonymous Timmy almost seemed mystical as he appeared on BH last December. He was like some sort of Christmas Carol creation fit for the Broken Heart's Glass Menagerie (e.g. Tiny Tim). The neglected Sullivan H.S. student yearning to explode onto the internet. The not so nice news rationalized why Sullivan is a low performing Illinois High School. Those who want to learn will find their place within the CPS system, private schools or simply move out.


Craig, you fascinated me. I read about a local do-gooder who 'allegedly' refused to pick up after his dog. I don't know if the proof was perfect. However, Craig, our nosey but necessary neighbor, was our advocate. He was willing to let us know what he believed, when most of us had no clue. For those who have picked up the dog crap after others, we were amused. I hope that Craig ultimately encouraged the suspect to 'blue bag it' and comply with the ordinance.

Craig also promoted his pet projects, like landscaping the more challenging blocks of Morse, only to find a beer bottle buried near his begonias (correct me, Craig?). His challenge with the less than canine friendly cops. He also exposed some of the weak links at DevCorp and had his Bearcat scanner on perpetual alert for his neighbor's curiosity. We can only hope that DevCorp and Moore shape up, wake up, or get replaced. Many of us wonder whether complacency will continue.

We learned about Craig's famous nephew, who raced his motorcycle around Europe's motocross circuit, among other exotic places, in search of fame and fortune. The double team of Gerhardt and Mannis raked Rogers Park ragged with their guts and glory. I hope that Craig has not left for Kentucky.

I would discourage Craig from ostracizing Rogers Park Residents merely because they prefer a user name to disclosing their personal identity to all. Craig also has the right to re-invent himself with an anonymous blog. Craig has enough evidence to confirm that he lives in Rogers Park. I hope that he'll trust me to keep his identity private, as well.

I believe that Madman Mannis of the Rogers Park Bench disclosed that now lives among cheeseheads of Eastern Wisconsin. I guess that his ears are elsewhere, even if he reads and writes about us online. Perhaps, Mannis has nothing better to do in cow country. There, the cornrows are stuck in the ground, not roving the sidewalk on someone's head. I have even seen a few nordic looking blonds with tattoos wearing them. You don't see that much diversity up north!

Apparently, things are tough in the big city. Instant utopias are unrealistic. You have to work for positive change, where needed. If it doesn't come as quickly or at all, then learn to live, understand and perpetually improve your neighborhood where you can.

Some of us discreetly photograph, when our digital cameras are in the shop. Others, find images to convey our concerns and promote information even if it is less than attractive. Some of us see more positive on our streets than others. Sometimes, we act, not alarm those around us and the results comfort us more.

It seems like cronyism to restrict information. The subject should always have a chance to reasonably comment. In some situations, privacy makes sense. Yet, a blog that aspires to devote itself to dispersing local news should not exclude locals. This is particularly true when it is unlikely to cause danger to the writer. Craig, I don't bite. My four legged, two foot long 'beast' just growls and whines, when other canines pass by. She doesn't bite, either, even if she is nuts.

Well, I never saw myself as one of Craig's public enemies, nor wanted to be one. However, I seem to have been tagged for removal. I guess that I was too optimistic for the Hell hole to bear. Perhaps, too private to pulsate. I hope that I am mistaken.

Does anyone know if The Morse is still open? Maybe, I'll get that long awaiting dram. Perhaps, Gernhardt has some time to promote the watering hole.


I live here too said...

The Broken Heart lock out has ended it seems. I too missed my daily fix of RP weadaling and dealing. However, today, I am back in. This has happened before, I wonder if it is even on purpose on CG's part. Perhaps he makes it private when there is a particularly nasty commenter, I don't know.

lafew said...

It seems like this was a false alarm.

As indicated, access is back. To CG's credit, he has informed me in the past when this has happened. In past e-mail, I was informed that there was a technical issue.