Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freddie Put a Load on Rahm Emmanuel: Revolving Trust?

Obama was once stranger to Chicago until he built trust and was elected to the Illinois State House. Rahm Emmanuel was also a stranger, but had the Daley & Clinton stamp of approval. Blagovich? I dunno . . . Tribune sources tell us that 'the Blagman' allegedly ripped off restaurants as an NU student. A proving ground?

Obama earned the right to run, only to network with what evolved into classic machine politics in Chicago. Should Rahm's decision to serve as a Board Director for Freddie Mac and allegedly suppress financial troubles be an issue? What should the phrase "revolving door" mean? Did Emmanuel have divided loyalties?

We can only wonder whether the other shoe will drop for Rahm Emmanuel; perhaps, others. Does our Mayor have as much respect for his law license as he claims he has for Chicago? I hope so.

Was the $320G payment, err salary, by Freddie Mac to Rahm Emmamuel a de factor advanced payment for his Congressional Election? Are Board of Director appointments of political personas done to appease lawmakers? Why are bills supported that create more of a mess? Was Emmanuel's appointment to the Freddie Mac Board a plume for lobbyists to generate compassion in Congress and prevent indictments?

One can only wonder what the intelligent voter thinks? Or will it be another Rostenkowski primary election moment for dyed in the wool Democrats? Some dubious 'Dubya-like decisions' just won't go away. If so, why put our Nation through an Italianesque political soap opera?

Rahm resign! We need a more virtuous virtuoso. Why is it that politicians seem to sell out to the highest bidder? And what about the repeal of Glass Stiegel? Was that dramatic act simply a political fait au compli' for Wall Street Lobbyists? The Tribune article encouraged this inconsistent digression to North Side politics. Read all about it at

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