Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tolerance from the intolerant. How people insult without knowing

I'm not out to nail phylactories on my neighbor's sideburns. Judaism is a faith as is any other. It is a tree of life for those who cling to it. I respect those who have faith and those who question it. However, I am disappointed with those ignorant enough to show brazen verbal disrespect. The latter should rise above and overcome their ignorance. Otherwise, they act significantly less than saintly toward me.

Many who have faith may choose different paths to reach the same destination. Some of us 'do the right thing' without expecting an afterlife as a reward. That said, the Reform Movement welcomes all those with an interest in learning about Judaism. However, we still respect those who choose to believe in another faith.

Some in Rogers Park struggle openly with their personal demons. In doing so, they 'should' avoid prejudice in the form of rude evangelism. When you tell Jews that we are damned, you express pure and unadulterated anti-semitism! Although the concept may seem foreign to our faith, there are no is no excuse for this vile form of bigotry. Those of us who believe in G*d need not be tormented by those who have forgotten "The Golden Rule." That said, my staff happen to be Muslim. Perhaps I'll eventually hire an athiest, because I judge people by their deeds as individuals.

Bigotry through ignorance comes when a few outspoken pastors within our community forget the the five books of Moses, when they present mass. The moral lessons from the Torah (referred to as 'the old testament' by those who focus their faith on the Gospels). Jews are not damned, we were delivered out of the land of Egypt with an out stretched arm. The Jewish faith does not focus on the afterlife, we focus on the 'here and now.' We want to make life better for all.

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