Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is the Grass Always Greener: Wilmette 4, Rogers Park 0 - Murder Score Board

Well, what can I say. In our dense Chicago Neighborhood, Rogers Park has netted 0 Murders for the first 90 days. [Citation: ClearMAP]. On March 1, 2009, Wilmette, another sparse North Shore pressure cooker for people in search of beating the Joneses scored 4 murders. It was a 'mad dad' combo, but an unfortunate one. Certainly, lower in body count than the Laurie Dann extravaganza. However, Mr. X was as certifiable as the Folks versus People fight down Morse last December. I can't stop reading about Wilmette in the broken Chicago Tribune box at Jarvis and Ridge. Calls to Trib 2, Action on Broken Box 0.

What does this mean? I know that some of us may thrive on fear and frustration. We want perfect surroundings. In the last seven years, two of my clients were murdered; one in Highland Park; the other in Wheeling. One was a permanent resident; the other a U.S. Citizen. The living spouse was originally living in Rogers Park. However, the deceased spouse was murdered by someone from the suburbs. The Wheeling crime remains unsolved; the suburbanite suspect likely 'lawyered up' or fled the country.

I am convinced that our grass is always greener in another neighborhood mentalities tend to be the most outspoken. This is not to say that there is room for improvement. Why not take a closer look at where we live and begin work to improve on it. Volunteer for Glenwood Arts, visit Biz Arts Programs, and see the newly redesigned CTA terminal, which recently re-opened the North entrance. I admit that City living may not be for everyone, but certainly suburban life is not, as well.

Maybe this Gateway between the City and the suburbs is worth the wait! However, there is room for everyone who treats others and themselves with respect. And that's my Opinion.

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