Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Will there be a Aldermanic Run Off in 49? IVI IPO inappropriate

Seems to me that we got our wish. I hope that those who threw in the towel and voted for Moore will review and other community endorsements. The IVI IPO endorsement is a farce. IVI seems to endorse locals based upon their national, NOT local views, votes and advocacy. IVI has a preference towards incumbents with a track record, not locals with strong community ties in my opinion. Which candidate creates the most attractive anti-Iraq War flyer does not matter much to Rogers Park Residents. Joe does not vote in Congress, Jan Schakowsky does. A City Council resolution on Iraq is irrelvant and takes time away from the responsibility of advocating for our neighborhoods. Don Gordon can do it. Some just need to think twice, study, vote once, and let Craig document the donut trail.

Craig, forgive me, but there is a lot of retail in our district. It caters well to those, who spend more time in the neighborhood. Milton Friedman suggests that we let the market dictate who is our vendors. Frankly, many of us shop for supplies and items at Costco, Sam's and Target, while RP and Chicago lose the tax base Evanston and Niles. Target on Peterson is too far south, but Marshalls is not. I have spent some time at El Famous Burrito on Clark just northeast from the overpriced acronym Greek Breakfast joint. Chris Adams should try it, sometime. Perhaps, he has.

I think that Craig Gerhardt deserves a standing ovation for bringing us the local news and some choice photos of Moore's warriors and his local challengers. Those photos of Fagus were totally golden. This is Council Wars reborn. I wonder if Aaron Freeman ever checks out Bleeding Heart. Although I agree to disagree on Chris Adams' candidacy as well as the occasional provocative tone. I think Chris Adams' heart is in the right place, even if we disagree on some issues. Craig posted some great photos of Don Gordon, Harrington, Didier and all of those, who want less of Moore. It takes time to do that and I don't know how Craig can keep a day job.
That in itself is a story.

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TW is registered in the 40th, not the 49th per...

Who is he vetoing for ?