Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Avoid Suffredin: Support Robert J. Milan! See Deputy States Attorney Robert J. Milan at Reza’s at 7:00 p.m. Thursday 12/3

Put up a yard sign and wear a button for Democrat Robert J. Milan. Robert, who has 19 years of experience as an Assistant States Attorney, serves as Richard Devine's eyes and ears. Let Moore, Fagus, and others in the 49th and beyond know about their shortsighted regional endorsement. Pull the plug on clout and let the SEIU know that once, again, it is hissing for the wrong cat. Attend one of Robert's events and find out what he is about. We cannot let the political fat cats of our world level those who deserve our attention and respect.
Let's chose a States Attorney who actually has appropriate credentials; we can ill afford candidates like Larry Suffredin who lack experience. Suff n Stuff is placing himself in a position that obligates favors to big law firms, who support him. Review Suffredin's campaign events! It disappoints me when those who claim to cling to idealism ignore their ideals and lose their objectivity about lawyering and reasonable respect for their colleagues.
Show Richard Devine that you are paying attention. Visit Candidate Robert J. Milan and his family at Rezas in Andersonville on Thursday, January 3rd before its too late and the primary goes to the floaters. Northsiders, remember how to elect experience over excessive campaign chests with unfinished business. If you cannot make it to Reza's consider other Robert Milan's other events.

While Suffredin pulls out the Rod Blagojevich playbook on corruption, Robert J. Milan responds:

"Larry Suffredin would have no way of knowing how much we’ve done, because he’s never been a prosecutor,” said Robert Milan, Devine’s first assistant who is also seeking the nomination.

Milan cited the current prosecution of Anita Mahajan, a businesswoman and crony of Governor Blagojevich’s charged with bilking the state through phony billings, as well as indictments of Chicago Police officers in the Special Operations Section (SOS) as examples the office is serious about public corruption and police misconduct.

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you might want to point out that he is at reza's as a part of a northside dfa candidate forum, and that all 5 candidates will be there. you can find more info info at