Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shiny Happy People? Out of Time? Are Progressives Losing their Religion?

As the Cook County States Attorney Candidates reduce the campaign to television sight and sound bites, wolves may overcome. In the political realm, those who act, aspirate and are active can represent the firmly entrenched. Who represents the status quo? Dick Devine or the Joe Moore's in office? Will candidates be cloaked in the capes of pseudo progressive posers who truly control the status quo? Who represents the the Shiny Happy People in power?

Who symbolizes all that is idealistic, positive, and novel among Democrats? Milan and Pera? Lipinski and Suffredin!? Which candidates are looking to ride the coat tails of firmly fixed politicians and organizations? Are we just out of time? Are progressives losing their religion? If you don't believe in Larry and Wait for Godot, then take another look at Robert J. Milan. His fundraiser is on the evening of Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at Maggiano's. Call the campaign office or get on their e-mail list. Find out who this guy really is and then think twice before you touch your political telescreen.

In hindsight, how should the Democratic Party vet extremely qualified candidates who approach politics for the first time? Why do activists buddy up with their acquaintances or contemporaries? How should the DFA or any political organization objectively evaluate lobbyists with arguable credibility challenges as candidates? How must a future candidate view lobbying activities before they begin that slippery slope of a credibility gap? What is change?

Why do we let politicians like Larry Suffredin 'go teflon' at times. Should we consider claims that there may be rust that naval jelly can no longer cure? Has Larry removed that rust or simply dealt those cards under the table? Which politicians end up creating fiscal disasters? Should we raise the political hurdle for some politicians on the road to undoubtedly bigger political aspirations? How do we temper lust, not love, for some political offices?

A few educators publicly appear to lapse into Suffredin endorsements by default. Do they forget their own experiences or qualifications being overlooked? What about their futile rage against machine candidates? What happened to legal idealism after the Operation Greylord Scandal? I view Suffredin as the Machine candidate, pure and simple. Suffredin appeases Evanston, not everyone.

I fear that Suffredin will take care of his supporters in an eventual and unreasonable way. Will he subtly scold those who speak out against Machine politicians. I believe that Suffredin is not on the cusp of appreciating the challenge of crime in Chicago. Instead they commute to and from north suburban homes on the Metra. Perhaps, they bask in the offices that line LaSalle's silk stocking subsistence. The public practice of law is being slowly eaten up by inexperience, oversights and eventual outsourcing.
Civil practice indiscretions in the Law Department of the City of Chicago may have lead to the extreme outsourcing of legal work. Now, the agreements 'seem curious' between the public and private sectors. No Alderman wants to take on that poodle. We may pay dearly to groom those puppies (silk stocking firm associates) with our tax dollars.

Is it Suffredin's plan to outsource civil legal work to the big firms? I don't know, but I smell something! It is invading my political nostrils like a skunk on steroids. In the last decade, I predicted some extremely unrighteous acts before they took place. However, I never had a blog for a pulpit to call to put public politicians under reasonable magnification. I can only hope that journalists are not spending too many hours at Suffredin's shindigs before and after this election.

Yet, to the DFA, I find the choice of Suffredin over Brewer, fear over substance, even if I will not support either in the primary. Will Robert J. Milan take 'the Tsongas fall' or will some Democrats start finding their religion? What's my opinion: how long? I say how long will this B.S. go on? News in February, perhaps, indefinitely.

For those who claim to represent change, I feel like many are hypnotized like the Shiny Happy People that R.E.M. mocked. I now see Chicago, rather than Chinese political status quo in the Suffredin Candidacy. Whether it is Ann Smith or Joe Moore's support, I perceive double speak in the Democratic Party. This seems typical of a stale enrichment and spoiled politicians.

We experienced Todd Strodger and his father's shinanigans. We witnessed family feud 'Blagojevic style' in Ravenswood with those blue suede shoes. However, Pera did something incredible when he switched on DFA's light for the Congressional fight on the South Side. Ironically, Milan and Pera seem to know each other, but Pera has not stepped up to the plate and endorsed Milan. Why?
Perhaps, time will tell. I am not referring to the tell on the poker table at future Chicago Casinos, either. What about the frustration and poverty that casinos bring to those who lack restraint. Will a States Attorney who lobbied for gambling interests overlook the relationship that plagues areas affected by Atlantic City, New Jersey? What is the gaming industry doing for Camden, among other NJ Cities that are plagued by record setting crime? Is there a connection? Has anyone done any research?

What makes sense among thoughtful and intelligent Democratic voters who do their research? One is an accomplished politician and mouthpiece whose plans are idealistic, but fiscally excessive due to budget cuts. The other worked as a prosecutor for 21 years, candidly let's people know how he feels (seen by some as a weakness), but administered over the SAO office as second in charge. He wants to bring his ideas to the SAO's Office, not necessarily Devine's. The Democratic DJs of Chicago are spinning this primary out of reach. They look for an actor, not someone whose heart and experience is in the right place in my opinion.

A prosecutor, not a politician will keep the SAO's office in check. We don't need the legacy of political persecution for the sake of one cultural constituency over another. Does anyone remember the Chief District Attorney or "Raymond Horton," among other characters in Presumed Innocent by Chicago's own Scott Turow?
Does Larry Suffredin possibly mimic the potential one of those characters? I don't have a crystal ball, but experience and integrity in office should count. Milan and I became attorneys after the wake of Operation Greylord. I observed what seemed like the political tug of war with cronyism in the Law Department. I want to avoid any repetition of the history of conflicts of interest and corruption.
In media and politics, all facts should be exposed, even if you think that a candidate is a real nice guy. Politics is full of nice people, who may present themselves as shortsighted when it comes to running for and governing certain offices. I regret that the politically explosive Clifford Kelley, who seemed to have conflicts of interest in my opinion, was allowed to host a debate. Was it a set up? Is it yellow journalism/media to create such an uneven platform? Either way, a Democrat will be the next States Attorney. I can only hope that the most qualified Democrat wins in spite of the endorsements and the desire for a first rate actor.

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