Monday, January 14, 2008

CC States Attorney Richard Devine Endorses Robert J. Milan

Richard Devine, a North sider from Rogers Park, but also the current Cook County States Attorney now endorses Robert J. Milan. Perhaps, Devine suffers from choosing between two extremely experienced and talented Deputy Assistant States Attorneys. If anyone has doubts , then hopefully his website helps to display what was done to date. The office must work with police, but must also treat all defendants, alike. Equity is an uneasy task. Equity can be politicized as was experienced in the Duke University LaCrosse Team mess, when we try to sympathize with those pundits who overlook the burden of proof.

Although a Devine decision was likely, it was by no means certain. Anita Alvarez, another Deputy ASA candidate, serves her Pilsen neighborhood well. Milan and Alvarez hold the second and third highest administrative position below Devine. Both Alvarez and Milan sport significant credentials. Given, Devine's time both in public and private practice, it seems unfortunate that he withheld his decision until last night. His endorsement missed the deadline for the Sun Times decision. Although troubling, it seems arguably unintentional. The challenge of political theater is that it is often unmatched by deeds. A few of Suffredin's weaknesses seem woefully downplayed or overlooked in the SunTimes endorsement. Does Suffredin really know where the bones are buried? And if so, will he bother to tell us?

Sometimes, late endorsements create confusion among those who may rely upon them. It is unclear whether this decision will have an impact on Suffredin's oncoming freightrain full of endorsements. Many, including the green and white plastic signs, cater to uneducated voters. Chicago should not vote for what seems to me like clout ridden Rostenkowski-type candidates. Can we afford to ignore the symbolism of Dick Simpson's and John Cullerton's political epitaph during this primary.
Will what appears to be cronysm, repeat itself? Well, I hope not, but I don't carry a crystal ball, either. I don't do political readings for entertainment purposes, either. I remember the dreaded Larry Bloom legacy with Operation Silver Shovel. Bloom ran unsuccessfully for States Attorney lest those who forget against Richard M. Daley in one primary. Compare and contrast our loving lobbyists? O' Brave New World! Or are we followed by the thought police who monitor the dreaded Orwellian Telecreens of Chicago?

Ultimately, 'who' is the status quo candidate in this election? A dedicated party politician with clout, theatrical prowess, and the blessings of Joe Moore and the infamous Fagus? Or a seasoned prosecutor who has twenty one years of dedication from law clerk to prosecutor in the Cook County States Attorneys' Office? The angst from being overlooked and publicly persecuted for seeking long overdue raises for colleagues seems unfortunate. Alderman and Commissioners have routinely stiffled such controversies simply by raising their own hands and saying 'aye' yeh yeh yeh. How many Fritos have been taken by those Banditos? Los muertos unidos son nunca votan vencidos!

I regret that some of us overlook the political litterpigs who post signs on our personal parkways and street corners without consent! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who are the more environmentally sensitive candidates, does it? Has Suffredin considered tearing down his contributions to Chicago's Landfills? Not yet! Will our environmentally sensitive Alderman, Joseph Moore and his faithful assistant oppose the mess? Will the status quo of unprecedented political garbage continue to haunt the 49th Ward? Boo?

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