Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Bed of Roses and Gun Bloats? Hypocrats or Democrats? Future Environmentally Conscious Suffredin Staffers Litter RP Lawns and Planters

During the last five years, I have witnessed more plastic campaign posters with metal prongs pierce lawns and planters than at any other time in RP history. No doubt, this 'trash the neighborhood' mentality to secure political office should stop. The green and white posters are pollution, pure and simple. One more reason to support Robert Milan for Cook County States Attorney. Change that is rash is not always good.

Its troubling to me that any candidate who touts themself as environmentally friendly allows staffers or party faithful to litter our street corner parkways. Witness the trash down Ridge, from Howard to Devon. Suffredin seems like more of a hypocrite, then a Democrat. Okay, perhaps, we should coin two new terms "hypocrat" and "reversican" in my humble opinion. A certain Giuliani comes to my mind, as well. However, what seems like blatant hypocrisy on the political litter scene is by no means party-wide, nor limited to one party.

Tear down those dowels south of Greenleaf, Mr. Commissioner. Perhaps, Lucky Larry 'the hypocrat' and perhaps heir apparent can recognize that the plastic signs, not the arguably shortsighted endorsements, must be picked up by Streets and Sanitation workers and disgruntled residents.
I am into substance, not finger snapping. These signs are litter that create neighborhood blight, pure and simple. If Suff n' Stuff is soooo confident, then why litter our lawns in the search of voters who rely on name recognition rather than the issues. Cook County needs a capable and fiscally competent law office administrator for its Cook County's prosecutors. That's all.

To treat the electorate as an ignorant mass who will vote name over substance suggests an admission of political weakness. I have to wonder about a supposedly law and order candidate whose supporters post their signs near unconsenting neighbor's residences.

I am tired of the political garbage and apparent hypocrisy of the Suffredin States Attorney campaign. As chief of law enforcement, Suffredin 'should not appear' to violate litter laws. I can only wish that some invisible mother earth emerges from the cesped and politically aspirates, "its not nice to fool [with] mother nature." It is a shame that Robert Milan cannot afford the commercials that Suff n' Stuff will air with the some of the mega-pesos that he collected at Skadden Arps. Hey, how about equal access and time to answer questions and seek political contributions at the Cities large law firms?

There are candidate and internet websites for those who really want to unravel the rhetoric. Know that Chicago banned handguns since Mayor Jane Byrne enacted the handgun ban ordinance in the early 1980s. The handgun laws are being enforced in Gun Courts. The ban continues to have tremendous legal enforcement as it did decades ago at 11th and State! The 'grandfathering in' clause has slowly eliminated lawful possession through red tape.
Recently, I learned of a few attorneys who fell victim to the two year handgun re-registration law and were forced to store outside city limits. Ultimately, the County has to decide whether to severely and zealously litigate the gun laws. There are consequences to the Suff n' Stuff rhetoric.

In strictly enforcing Illinois Statutes on unlawful possession of a firearm, based upon Chicago Gun registration, Suffredin if elected will create arguably unintentional consequences. First, Suffredin's desired tactics in conjunction with Chicago's handgun ban ordinance can physically and permanently separate long term lawful permanent resident foreigners from their U.S. Citizen Children based upon INA 101(a)(43), INA 237(a)(2)(C), and INA 212(a)(2)(B).

Given the inconsistent state standard on who can possess what gun and how, there is another dilemma against unknowing violators. Keeping up with State laws is one thing, but many newcomers who try to be law abiding residents know little about the Chicago handgun ban and additional registration ordinances.

Is there some way that our politicians can avoid creating unintended consequences to lawful permanent residents who improperly depend upon the IFO licenses and their limited Fifth Amendments Right to Bear Arms? Quite a few long time Middle Eastern Shop owners, among others, 'pack a piece' under the counter. To them, they care about their survival, not a miniature gun ban law. Of course, that is until the are found guilty, detained and finally deported by the Department of Homeland Security.

Another issue is the cost of conviction by full blown bench or jury trial. Plea bargains do not always reward criminals. Usually, plea bargains save the county incredible amounts of money in needless litigation. Often, some feel that they should not be charged with a law that they were unaware of.

The Suffredin assumption is that all who possess guns 'knew' that their conduct was criminal. There are states that allow "conceal and carry." Illinois has a patchwork of State and municipal gun laws. Gun Courts and laws also goes against those whose guns are located incident to a consensual search for a fleeing felon, among others. Imagine what zero tolerance can do to law enforcement in its search for more serious "persons of interest!"

If prosecutors must go to trial, this takes more resources and more courts. Also, more may go wrong. Yet, "where's the beef!" Where are the funds for additional courts and prosecutors? The States Attorneys Office was pressured by a cash strapped Cook County to cut its budget and lay off a significant number of its investigators and staff. I hope that the jury has reached a verdict on this election other than a decision based upon green and white plastic posters!
Ultimately, we should avoid electing politicians who seem to wear a diaper of inexperience in the prosecutor's office. Desitin will not cure all baby rash. Finally, Suffredin's metal prongs may kill a buried tulip bulb in a planter. Larry, Larry you can't hide, we charge you[r staff] with agricide. [sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation].

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