Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Si Se Puede!" Anita Alvarez Wins!

Both the location and state of mind symbolized a renaissance this evening. Some of us gravitated in that direction with an incredible lightness of being. Today we voted and this evening we celebrated with Anita Alvarez. My sensitivities are an easy to follow diagram. I regret that I anticipated more from the Devine endorsement, but realized that character can prevail when it counts. Consistency is the hobgoblin of simple minds.
There were two highly qualified candidates for Cook County States Attorney, but the most effective one won. I was in total shock and satisfaction this evening; it was the best possible outcome. The last minute poll was icing. Anita even did it without making a mess!

Anita will become not only the first woman, but the first Hispanic to hold the position of the Cook County States Attorney. She earned it! As some may know, Devine held back his endorsement and tried to remain neutral. However, when the chips were down, it was Anita, not a gaming lobbyist, who beat the odds.

This was reminiscent of Harold Washington's win. The votes were so split up, that the Hispanic vote had only one candidate and she was also a woman. Que suave! Que dulce! Que bueno! It was the perfect storm and it could not have happened to a more qualified candidate. Cook County has made the brightest decision of this primary. It has chosen a level minded prosecutor, who is an effective administrator, as well.

For those who followed Anita's rise, she beelined through what seemed like a politicized mudslide of mediocrity. Some with prominent pedigrees had so much fear of Alderman Allen, that each failed to respect the Hispanic vote. It assumed that Luis Guitierez would bring home the bacon for Suffredin. I was totally awed and floored; Devine's delayed endorsement was a blessing for Anita Alvarez. It is no small feat for prosecutors who have never run for office to take on accomplished political thespians like Allen, Brookins, and Suffredin.

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Craig Gernhardt said...

I'm satisfied the most qualified candidate won. The voters did their homework on this race.