Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snow Blown this Winter, Among Other Things.

The snow did not keep me in. Rather than photograph every moment of the day like some narcissist, I went through the typical. Although there was quite a bit of football fever, I only caught the final score. There was a sense of fascination over the Patriot's loss. It was conceivable, but unexpected, so my yartzeit is lit. However, I never looked at it, since the paycheck was not mine. The amusement of watching a Superbowl is only as good as the attention given to the football season. Instead, I threatened to go to the beach this afternoon just to inhale the fresh frozen lakefront air for a moment.
This season, I was too busy trying to make a living, toying with the computer, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry. Yet, today, I was doing the Target tour in search of loose Earl Grey Tea, toilet paper, and detergent on three hours of sleep. I am working on a Powerpoint presentation.

I vowed that I would express the non-political, since my state of mind is rather cashed out on the election. I will vote, but others in the household won't. Politics often nauseates them, as well. Most of us are occasional hypocrites, so I suppose, 'what should we expect from our politicians?' However, I don't double dip. Frankly, it nauseates me, when I do the research, pull out some memories, and find out more than I expected. Politics is sometimes a mix of optimism and spin, depending upon who throws their hat in the ring and when.

I let loose while others apparently agree, remain silent, or rationalize. The disappointment is that we don't always appreciate why or how people do things, take a particular position, or act in a way that appears dubious. Without an explanation, it makes little sense. It is so easy to fixate that you simply fizzle from frustration. I mean, who are these people, anyway? Why do we let our politicians go teflon with their trespassing steel prongs? Why vote for a familiar names, when these candidates could be the functional equivalent of Hitler? I would rather not vote, but I go with my final gut position. do research, and let's leave it at that. Anita Alvarez is the only option for me.

I could have gone off on the Steans-Elder rant, but many in the area agree with me. Many in RP have expressed their support for Elder with mega-banners on their homes. I refuse to tow the 49th Ward Politburo's 'Stean push. In any event, politicians will be elected. Hopefully we will take the time to be heard at their offices on local ward issues. Maybe, they will take the time to not only listen, but confirm that they acted in some meaningful way.

In spite of cruising the Targets in Evanston and Niles, today, we have gone local. For those who remember Ames (Aames?), which turned into the flea market, we regret that it has taken the ward so long to finally encourage some decent merchants. Now, we have to find time to go or find them. We went to Buffalo Joes on Howard for the second time in the last decade. We ate-in the first time. If you like Buffalo Wings, then it is worth it, even with the blue light dangling a block away.

We are regulars at the Fishkeg and the last month was no exception. For those from the southwest, Fishkeg is the near equivalent of Hagens, but it is mostly fried and raw, not smoked based upon my recall. Perhaps, I have yet to check out Fishkeg's smoked selection. Fishkeg is open till 1 a.m. on Friday and midnight every other day. It is just off Ridge and Howard. Has anyone eaten at Burek's on the east side of Ridge?

For those who have avoided Dominicks at Gateway, it has been renovated in the last six months. In addition, Runge's Auto Repair has let a few tarps on their 'problem child cars' loose. The result is that a 1970-something Cadillac looks pathetic on the third floor at the Howard Terminal parking lot. Efforts to express concern at the security desk seem useless. Perhaps, a mass call-in to Irma at Standard Parking downtown to bug her about Runge's junkyard might make a difference. If I did not need to head downtown so early, I probably would stop by Runge's to see if it is theirs. The cars don't bite. There is an Alfa Romeo from Runges nearby, as well.

I think that the pigeons are too cold to roost at the parking lot. For those who don't know, the parking lot is loaded with video cameras, even in the stairwells. Just another evening trying to drop the political rhetoric one step below the front page.

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