Monday, February 04, 2008

49th Ward Political Information - Polling Places-Sample Ballots -CBA Judge Recommendations Links

For those of us with last minute Voting Compulsions

Objective Listing without Prejudice -

Find your polling place:

Sample Democratic Ballot

Sample Green Party Ballot

Sample Republican Ballot

Chicago Bar Association Recommendations for Judges:

49th Ward Judicial Recommendations - CBA, contrasted with others, etc. in contested races

Alan Greiman

Steele or Walsh - (Even but Other Bar Assn - Decalogue Society favors Steele - Decalogue is a Jewish Society, org size varies over the years)

Dennis Burke

Reyes or MacCarthy (Other Bars Assns favor Terry MacCarthy; Jesse Reyes networks well, helps legal community @ CBA & ISBA, spent time in Government legal, and is already serving as a judge; arguable toss up)


Lingo or Ryan (Other Bar Assns noticeably favor Lingo) personal knowledge helps in this race.

Sexton or Hyman (Other Bar Assns favor Hyman, Sexton may not be as extroverted, but worthy)

O'Neill or Powell (Chgo Council of Lawyers and Womens Bar favor Joan Powell over Madeline)

Recommendations From Other City, State, Ethnic, Social, and Race Related Bar Associations from which evaluations, above made:

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