Friday, February 15, 2008

NIU - Remember the Victims, Forget the Attacker!

Yesterday's incident is just another example of the sorry state of mental health in the U.S. A few people are so primed, that they go off without talking to anyone out of fear for the stigma attached.

Anger management and violence have little to do with gun control, but everything to do with the fact that some people have their priorities so screwed up that none of us know until it is too late. Many foreigners often find the stigma of mental health care to be too embarrassing or costly. Life is priceless and so is peace of mind.

If the ex-student was currently enrolled at UIUC, then perhaps he could not cope with the change. If the media and the public find mental health a stigma and embarrass those who try to seek help, then those silent with serious issues may simply find death a means to end their internal dilemma. Religions have to consider realistic options and evolve in their perceptions, but so does treatment. Some conditions may be curable or misdiagnosed.

This guy, like those who look to terrorism to get respect, should be disrespected by putting their names in oblivion.

We should remember the victims and obscure the terrorists, whether they are home grown or otherwise. Whether they claim affiliation or act on their own.

Society needs to look at what makes these folks tick and get ticked off. We need to find outlets and not be recreationally and socially adverse. There is a place and a time for almost everything, but obvious not this.

Shooting off comments about gun control and even enacting a ban it will not stop violence. Those bent on it can pull out a butcher knife just as easily and attack a New York Psychologist like Kathy Faughey. Let's work on stopping the causes of violence, not merely pretending that a gun ban or conceal/carry will cure all evil.

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