Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rogers Park Residents Taking on Non-Biodegradable Plastic for a Change!

How much spin can you pin until your neighbors get dizzy with political nausea? When non-biodegradable signs are posted on public parkways, then they are fair game as garbage. This mess comes to you as a public disservice pronouncement from the political departments of dirty tricks and scourge pilots. Political litter pigs purposely use the parkways, flowerbeds, and corners of our block, not the inner sanctum. How environmentally insensitive!
That is how you know it is not a neighbor, among others. If you know the difference, then it is okay to pick up the trash, because that is what it looks like to the casual observer. All of us know where exclusive private property begins. Parkways are easements, but still your property, not theirs. You control your flowerbeds. Their your corners and if you know that your neighbor won't do anything, then think about cleaning up. Eventually they should get the message.

Political hacks plug the grass on the parkways in an effort to confuse condo residents and townhome owners. They want us to believe that a co-owner posted it. They probably didn't! Furthermore, the condo association probably had to approve it, so express yourself. Go ahead, make your day remove it; no one really cares if it is your property too! If you like the candidate, then post it on your mid section, so the neighbors know its yours. Better yet, post it in your windows or all over your building. Make a statement on your building. Public space deserves some respect.

If we tolerate the plastic, then it will only get worse, just like grafitti. Just say no to hypocrisy. Our so-called environmental politicians spend thousands of dollars on non-biodegradable plastic campaign signs that fill our landfills. When they can't get us to voluntarily post their signs on our properties, some resort to encouraging third parties to get rid of the signs near polling places.

My philosophy is to educate voters, not to innudate them with the name game. An educated vote is what counts. Sometimes, it takes time to sort out between the Adamses, Ginderskes and the Gordons, but if you give it a chance, then your vote is more reassuring. Of course, if you really don't care, then you may care about the litter on your lawn.
Vote with intelligence! Make a difference. It is okay to change your mind. It is okay to disagree. Its okay to vote for some of the names on the signs. Just know what they stand for and their credibility in the community compared with others. Just do it.

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