Friday, May 22, 2009

Howard Terminal Parking Lot Empties After Price Gouge

Standard Parking has once, again, outdone itself! It doubled its prices to $4 a day last January. In doing so, it simultaneously did little to solve the complaints. As a result, vendor Standard chased away many except for the abandoned and dilapidating cars. For those who climb the lot's staircase, the space seems like more of an intermittant urinal. Yes, I have repeatedly called and complained! Have you?

For $4 a day, who wants to do a waltz through an area that smells five fates worse than McCormick and Oakton. The unanticipated stench pierces the nostrils and may trigger the gag reflex. Of course, this pigeon palace leaves a few cars with an array of hood ornaments on departure! The elevator becomes the preferred route even if it takes a minute longer. Yet, even that area can also turn into a sudden cesspool with little abatement.

Does Standard Parking's HR Department do due diligence? Do these people really care who they hire? Does maintenance regularly and reasonably sanitize? I feel like the rent-a-rogues would rather play with their cell phones and sleep than monitor and report the piss fiend. For all the cameras confronting each nook and cranny, it seems like security remains too lathargic to care, coordinate, and confront. I find some asleep when I pass the front desk in the evening. Yes, the sleeping spells are sporadic, but it took several knocks on the glass before I woke up one rent-a-rogue during his night shift.

Is the price right? Given the walk, I could use the exercise, but the bus is just a quarter. Who still parks at the Howard Terminal?

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