Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Ode to Anonymous

There is no chuckle, no abuse, which comes from one who flew the roost. A writer who goes "anonymous," takes the fifth, but spews their rift. They’ll hide behind the orifice of some ill-begotten Thor and piss. They criticize, irrelevantly; that callous bash to wound a knee. They want 'the groan and McEnroe,' but often have just lost control.

They use no pen name for identification, but hope their thread caused aggravation. I regret to inform anonymous that chatter trying to batter doesn't convert to splatter. So when those who anonymously assume, post a verbal boom, act fast, don’t fret, they may simply not get enough, yet.

Well, anonymous, when your testosterone make you so hot, to smoke and blow at someone's lot, then pull a porno, bang the bed, just don’t let loose on someone's spread!

No hard feelings, I hope?

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