Sunday, August 17, 2008

Abandoned Stroller, Day 4

Attention, a neighbor has moved this abandoned or lost stroller to the parkway. If this is yours, move it! If not, do you recognize it? Will the Police deal with abandoned items before the junk dealer picks it up, among others?

Who leaves and forgets a stroller? I guess that embarrassment and pessimism sets in, but it still costs money. Well, we actually found a stroller in our parkway, but it had a luggage tag on it. We were able to call the owners. They returned for it. Any thoughts? Do Police ever take the time to collect and inventory abandoned or lost items? Why not?

We called 911 on a bike left on our sidewalk about five years ago. After two calls to Police and the District along with repeated promises to pick up the bike, we left it on our cement front porch, as instructed by CPD. After two weeks, we realized it was not going to be picked up, but the bike was just functional. What to do?

Well, the bike became a social science project, not another piece of crap in our garage. On day 17, the bike disappeared. Who took it? Anybodies guess? We should have installed a security camera.. That would have been interesting.

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Jeanne said...

I say they are not coming back, I could not go a day without my stroller.

Donate it. I am sure there are some moms in need of a nice Graco stroller (avg cost over $100).
Call the Howard Area Community Center they could help you identify a family in need.