Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fred, the Alley Guy, in a Coma at St. Francis

For those who know him, he is a saint, sentinel and sinner all wrapped in one. A teller of tall tales, Fred, the Alley guy was known to pass out peppermint sticks to neighborhood kids in December. He occasionally rejected gifts from neighbors, as well.

Fred watched the garages when they accidentally remained open, while smoking his signature Swisher Sweets. His wife, Carol, walks the streets exercising and helps out with the neighbors animals, when they are unable, as well.

I heard that Fred suffered a fall last week. I also heard that Fred is currently in St. Francis Hospital in Evanston in a Coma. He had been battling with his diabetes, among other maladies that he liked to boast about. He is a teller of tall and straight tales as well as some ridiculous ones. Perhaps, somewhere in the muck was the truth.

Fred was like a member of the family for a while, but when he stopped coming out to the back, we stopped. When he unpredictably returned, I was too anxious to get into the house. Although I know that Fred cannot read this, I wished that he would wake up from his desire to expire. Although Fred could be the quintescential B.S. Artist, he always had something to say and he was worth a listen from time to time.

Snap out of it Fred and I promise to stop by the fence.

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