Monday, August 25, 2008

That Post Saturday Evening Post

The observations are in. The mob that decided to hang out in front of 7237-39 N. Ridge were looking for "white boy" on and off for about three hours It was unclear whether they were looking for 'a white boy' or someone named white boy. However, it seemed to be synonomous that evening. A hate crime? Perhaps!

Police were repeatedly called by many in the neighborhood. A group of neighbors claim that calls started coming in around 10:30pm. District 24 finally dispatched 5-6 police cars around 1a.m. Oh, one notable; a squad car stopped at the northeast corner of Ridge, Rogers and Touhy for about two seconds and drove off at about 10:15 p.m. It seemed to ignore the teens sharing the pint of brandy in front of 7237 N. Ridge acting as lookouts. Hmmm.

Residents report that the 25 to 30 visitors were on the property, in the alley or on its roof; allegedly an overstaying tenant is the cause celebre. Long Kogen Realty Strikes again with its impeccable management skills. L-K also gets the gardening award for the most decorated greenscape (I can't really call it a lawn, since there is no grass). The rye bread ornaments on the parkway sidewalk were a real treat last week!

So what is the deal with open alcohol. Should the law be repealed? What I noticed is that Police try to discourage 911 calls by what seems to me to be the intentional refusal to enforce the laws that need the most enforcement.

E-Town residents like to use Rogers Park for a stomping ground, when their Police Department is 'on to' them. Also, there are fewer abandoned and unsupervised apartments, among other distractions to frolic in, perhaps. I hope that Long Kogen has the brain power to change the locks on that apartment when the tenant finally departs. The written consensus on the Beat 2424 Board is that District 24 needs dedicated Beat cops walking the Beat, not just Beat cops doing mop up jobs and dispatching ambulances to St. Francis at 1:30 a.m.


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lafew said...

The update was that the tenant's lease was never renewed, one month later, so they left. Just a tame neighborhood with a momentary distraction. Once every ten years. Perhaps, once every two decades.

Long Kogen seems willing not to renew leases that don't seem to work out. The issue is whether the tenants appreciate the neighborhood's tolerance and threshold. Considering the number of tenants, the building is not much of a hot spot.