Friday, August 15, 2008

Politics and Hypocrisy: Inconsistent, International, and Subtle, So Get Used to It

I am not sure whether this rant falls into the Murphy's Law or the arguable Facts of Life Blog. We, like this YouTube video, view hypocrisy in our families, friends, journalists, politicians, and ourselves. The trash compacter of life looks for the least consistent hypocrites. We crown the virtuous few, but nearly all eventually lose their way in the fog causing the abuse of power and privilege. Some are unable or unwilling to wait for the fog to evaporate, so mistakes are made. Too few will admit to error.

Lessons in life: (1) everyone will eventually become a hypocrite, but not as consistently as others; (2) those in power with privileges often hoard it and become gluttons, fearing other alternatives in life; (3) the haves and those who seek economic interdependence support the status quo and democratic options; (4) those who envy the power or productivity of others often criticize those in power until they too become powerful and are themselves, criticized; (5) exaggerations and irresponsible posturing within the body politique nauseate moderates.

The concern of these journalists is, why now? The answer: Congressional ‘posturing’ and ‘tolerance,’ pure and simple. Posturing and expending money for a ‘cause delayed’ turns off voters. The above CNN video is an example of Congress spending our money on political partisanship. This is a commercial for the Democratic Party that offends most except for an exceptionally devoted niche of political storm troopers.

Nevertheless, the ‘alleged’ CNN Clip fails to get the political parties correct! We can talk of the virtues of politics; yet, it is the reality of politics that counts. Politburo or Congress; man is an imperfect leader, but so is HAL! [Reference to movie “2001 – A Space Odyssey”]

On the “We” so fondly brought up in local Rogers Park Political Discourse?

We the people "try to form a ‘more perfect’ union." Perfection is a pipedream for those with personal agenda's or OCD. One may prevail more, but in politics, compromise and tolerance is what should carpe diem. Sometimes, people neglect to appreciate peace and reasonable opportunities for prosperity until it evaporates.

Partisanship is not an issue like slavery. Yet, people should demonstrate and struggle. Fewer seem to rally for causes that they are more content writing about. Congress is postures in an era of arm chair complacency, despair, and frustration; call it laziness. If someone wants to publicize their POV, then more tools are available than ever. However, most of us need to appreciate the most effective routes. We also must learn how to separate the wheat from the chaf and reality from the rasp.

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