Thursday, August 07, 2008

National Night Out Attracts Neighbors/Group Home Spurs Crime?

Beat 2424 and Brummel Park Community conduct walks to encourage concerned neighbors to pay attention and get to know each other. Walk numbers vary, but the Beat 2424 website can be reached at the Police links from for more information . Last Tuesday's Walk for National Night Out attracted about 30 Evanston and RP walkers. The group trapsed up and down Howard. Walkers passed out flyers and met local police. The Chicago Police provided a cruiser, while Evanston Police had at least four officers on foot. The walk culminated at Brummel Park, where tables were set up and a buffet dinner was served courtesy of a local restaurant. A few Evanstonians filmed participants.

No, Joe Moore was not in attendance. He doesn't need to be at every event that graces our shores. Those who are concerned about the 2424, amoung other Beats may want to lend their eyes and ears as well as their pens. Perhaps, the walks will introduce them to places that they may not know and neighbors that they did not understand. Sometimes, spontaneous walks with neighbors are worth the effort, as well.

A Delinquent Dumping Ground Spurs Delinquency Wave Among Group Residents?

Each of us has perceptions, others witness, and a few report what they hear on police scanners. Sometimes a few who cause a mess need Audi Home after parental and group home malfunction. What do you do when you see parental malfunction on RP sidewalks? Have you ever called DCFS? Do you do a double take to decide the right thing to do? Is Rogers Park, like Uptown, being used as a dumping ground for dilapidating delinquents? Perhaps, this needs to be re-evaluated. Perhaps, our Alderman should pay attention to these important concerns that foster crime, not children. Some agencies are ill-suited to handle some of societies challenges.

Group homes are better placed in isolation rather than dense neighborhoods. There is merit to the concept behind Military Academies, Secret Harbors and Boy Towns. Inadequate and fuzzy supervision in dense neighborhoods incubates delinquency. Chicago's Northside should not be an MSI chickhouse for gang recruitment. Less aggitated suburbs can provide options for some emotionally challenged youth. Inadequate supervision in group homes spawn criminals. Suburbs are better suited to apply pressure for appropriate supervision.

Those who write should map the locations of densely packed problem group homes and their related organizations. Placing homes in claimed gang territory is flirting with recklessness. Those with licenses to treat should be cited for inept supervision that leads to crime. Those without licenses should be subject to closure by State of Illinois authorities. Illinois Agencies can assert control! We cannot depend upon Chicago, alone, where Federal and Illinois laws are ready to be enforced upon persistent request. Simply reporting to a kvetching blog crowd does little to wake up the regulators.

Periodic follow up to report on inept regulation until the message is understood, sanctions issued, or major media awakened makes moral sense. Simply hitting the crimes of a few and moving on does little to identify suspects. Justice may be overlooked when sensationalism takes center stage. The accolades of a badge of blog fame does not, in itself, cure laissez faire neighbors.

There were about six locals who walked in Beat 2424 on National Night Out. Where were you, when neighbors were attacked?

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