Sunday, August 17, 2008

Applauding the Pick Up Your Dog Poop Signs

The signs may be viewed as crass, but for those who know, dog poop attracts hungry rats and creates stinking footgear. I appreciate the wisdom of the signs, even if it seems a given to most dog owners. The rat food claim comes directly from Streets and Sanitation Investigators. They were dispatched to our alley after repeated complaints. There are at least two neighbors who seem to noticeably forget their bags at home to put it, politely.

I heard from another dog owner about someone who actually wrote on sidewalk cement that people should keep dogs off their lawn. Our home gets periodically hit by distracted, insensitive, or negligent dog owners. Who wants to step in dog &h*t?
One homeowner posts a copy of the Chicago Dog poop Ordinance in the alley running west of the 7200 block of Damen. This plastic encased sign on the telephone pole is getting old. Yet, despite the valiant effort, we still experience the callous wrath. What brain trust finds the signs embarrassing and a challenge to their insensitivity? What is so challenging about using a Dominicks bag. The rolls of small Petsmart poop bags are cheap compared to rat abatement! Why entice a local rat pack to evantually raid your kitchen pantry?

There is a rational basis to issue citations to those who refuse to pick up their dog's poop. However, with no Beat cops on foot patrols, there's no enforcement of the poop-scoop ordinance. How can District 24 reasonably deal with routine open alcohol drinking, sidewalk gambling, littering, street mechanic, and dog poop scoflaws. Have you ever given your local Beat Officer a cup of coffee, lately? Have you ever seen one? Will Caluris send us a few good peace officers? Will ignorant neighbors be offended?

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