Monday, August 25, 2008

DWB - Probable Cause to Frisk?

I appreciate that speeding and blowing stoplights present 'probable cause to stop and issue a traffic citation.' Yes, 'vocal belligerence' to Chicago's Finest is often a piss poor move. Okay, showing disrespect to a peace officer challenges that authority with few compromises to save face. Police are trained to take control of a situation. Yet, showing unnecessary disrespect to a disappointed African American by spreading his arms on the hood of a cruiser is overkill and unneeded theatrics.

'Driving while black' is not probable cause to frisk. I don't care how low the pants go or how long the t-shirt hangs. It is demeaning to get Chicago' Finest feeling you up. African Americans are forced more often to take the position. Why? We hear about the idea of questioning authority, but everything has a place and purpose. Discretion and grace sometimes pass in the night. Common Sense and education are not always in sync, when each needs to surface.
We view situations, but need to be objective. Respect and restraint are reciprocal virtues. Encouraging those virtues to kids and to adults makes sense. That is what those CAPs meetings are for. Otherwise, those who take the position of peace officer can breach the peace with disrespect just as easily as the teenager intent on expressing his frustration. Whether it was a stale green or a fire red light is best discussed in front of a Judge. Random acts of kindness in the form of a delayed warning, or two, rather than citations; think about it.

Just some objective thoughts on an observation this evening.

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