Sunday, August 17, 2008

It was Old English! -- Transient Rant, Part II

Last nights piece; this mornings trash. Yes, it was fiction based upon speculation. If only, I had taken down the license plate, then the subject's residence would be verified. What happens if some fool of a suburban kid attracts flies and gets shot on the parkway in front of your apartment building? Who needs the hassle!
Loitering with open alcohol is an issue. I realize, as a kid, you have to find a place to drink with the under 21 prohibition. However, screaming at crazy drivers in moving cars on a residential street takes things up a notch. What ever happened to the concept of "Beat Cops?" Why not drain the bottle in front of 'junior' like they do in the suburbs?
What is the real deal? Do Police really cruise or simply pick up the pieces and ship them to Saint Francis? Does periodically cruising and walking the neighborhood Beat create conflicts of interest, hostility, or foster respect?
If Steve Caluris suggests to the Tribune that negative loitering is a challenge, among other crimes that evolve from it (e.g. mob violence, open alcohol, drug sale/use), then what is his plan to address it? The most obvious violations are not innocuous (e.g. littering, loitering, and public alcohol/drug use). Each need to be discouraged with meaningfully productive enforcement or intervention.

The air show ends on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. A days pay for a days work or a days pay for an hour of work? When will 'some' members of the Local FOP anointed by 'hizz honor da Second' start appreciating the community? When will they do their tour of duty? They don't even have to smell Napalm or inhale subsaharan dust in the morning! Maybe they can learn about us at something other than a CAPs Meeting or a mop up expedition!
Does 911 really work?

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