Monday, August 11, 2008

Annual RP Butterfly Month

From experience, we see the most butterflies around now. This is the season when Phlox, milkweed, butterfly bushes, and coneflowers seem irresistable. It is strange for me to see Yellow tails beyond tame, but the food supply in Beat 2424 will not repulse.

Monarchs are a common sight. Yellowtails are becoming more of the same. Now, morning cloak varieties seem much more majestic than last year. Perhaps, we were not around or forgot without photographs.

While walking the dog, Fargo and Damen had one yellowtail that just wanted to sit in the grass, but flew around when it felt disturbed. I wanted to bring it to the garden, but noticed ample food in nearby yards.

The above flowers, among others, will work. However, butterflies are creatures of habit and education, perhaps. This year, we saw more Yellowtails and Morning Cloaks, but Monarchs are now daily and often bi-hourly visitors in August.

Last years' photo makes this years experiences seem overwhelming. I can only hope for a group of four or five yellowtails to return en masse next year, perhaps sooner.

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