Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Audacities of Hope in Beat 2424 and the 49th Ward

1. That homeowners who behave badly, but 'really' want to sell their home learn to clean up the trash on their front lawn before they leave, since it might help inspire a new homeowner.

2. That neighbors who post political signs avoid setting a bad example on their front forty feet. It reflects on their candidate and their audacity of hope!

3. That dog owners clean up after their dogs, but consider cleaning up after fellow dog owners who leave nasty samples on their neighbors' lawns. Premise: guilt by association can be embarrassing and unfairly incriminating, but eliminating all evidence keeps the "no dogs on lawn signs" tucked away at the local hardware store.

4. That city cites homeowners who refuse to clean up the beer and liquor bottles on their grass, among other things like Tan cotton robes with flourescent highlights. These are not sacred garments or vessels, are they?

5. That the city starts towing away abandoned vehicles within a reasonable time after CAPs Beat 2424 residents post repeated complaints on the CAPs BBS.

6. That positive loitering becomes at least a bi-weekly event with reasonable advanced notice. If not, then consider taking a walk or adopt a dog, bring your blue bags/paper towels, and explore.

7. That the Potawattomi Park Outdoor lights are finally repaired after nearly two seasons without safe useable outdoor playing fields. This seems to me like the typically inept Chicago Park District bureaucracy in need of major resignations, disciplinary action, or Concerta. Is there a shrink in that house? Workers Comp anyone? Your kingdom for our non-union volunteer? Can we foot the bill? Did someone rip off the copper?

8. That Armstrong School or Jordan Community students win some major academic or cerebral competition that gets the schools the attention and respect that some of their students deserve. In the alternative, that local RP artists contact the art teacher and volunteer.

9. That people take care of their parkway property by picking up after themselves and each other, rather than pretending like Streets and San or the community service crew will clean it up. Word to the wise, Boy George is not coming!

10. That a Mack Truck with semi-trailer complete with drunk Redneck and frustrated love life roars recklessly up Rogers at a God awful hour like 4a.m. This after discovering that the bridge is once, again, too low for a trailer truck. All this occurs with a 'safe demolition' of the dilapidated commercial slum at Damen and Rogers, which hosts, The Ho.

No deaths or injuries, but substantial/reliable insurance policy in tact. News at Ten and via the Internet on the RP Broken Heart. Landlord for 7308 N. Rogers gets the cash, building is converted into a parking lot; no harm, no foul. [This is for entertainment purposes, ONLY! Don't get any ideas, since good insurance policies investigate before any payout]

Okay, the last audacity is a bit of an oxymoron, since it can cause death, but I can dream of a safe demolition or major renovation, can't I? I have no doubt that the commercial dive can be revamped with a laundramat, among other community needs. Three psychologically venomous blow darts for what seems to me like an irresponsible landlord with no interest in sprucing up the property to sell in good faith! Where's Joe! Was there a political contribution to stave off the heat? Who are these people, anyway? Would they tolerate this sort of crap in their neighborhood? The audacity of commercial slumlords in this neighbor's opinion!
For those who don't recall a previous post, the fence is still unmended, yet good humor still abounds.

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