Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Night of the Living Bearcat in the 24th District - Sexual Assualt in Edgewater @ 6121 W. Artesian

Well, its actually a Uniden. We had a revoked drivers license at Greenleaf and Clark. A mob of 20 teens near Amundsen High School at Damen and Foster, one of whom was allegedly packing a gun. 7503 N. Seeley had a domestic call; some woman was sitting on her drunk boyfriend or husband to restrain him. 1932 W. Lunt - playing basketball after curfew.
Too many Police cars in the back and police cars in the front at 6121 N. Talman. We have too many cars. Slow it down. Total disregard. To run a history of domestics; no history. The actual address is 6121 N. Artesian, not Talman. Apparently, the person complaining does not know her address. They are getting way too many cop cars to the domestic which may freak out the goofy guy with the knife. Apparently, an African American who claimed that he was sixteen year old is now wanted for domestic sexual assault for an attack in Edgewater. He fled at 10:23 p.m., the guy is 6 feet tall with a red bulls jersey with black pants.
Told victim that he had a lot of friends in the hood and chose to wear black and red. Probably a lame threat by a gangster wannabe with testosterone issues. He may have lied about his age to make the victim think that he cannot be charged as an adult.

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stuckinthecity said...

Black and Red = Asian Bloods. (waiting for laughter to end....) It be true!