Friday, April 18, 2008

DePaul Beer Party from Sox Field to Fullerton Unabated by Chicago Police

The questionable wisdom of limited Chicago CTA Police Support was tested last night when a group of about eight DePaul area riders took a Red line Car Hostage for their personal Beer Party from Sox Stadium on Thursday night. Riders reported that a totally glazed Old Style drinking crew appearing to be DePaul students or of University age teens proceeded to totally disrespect passengers for forty five minutes in the rather packed northbound subway car from Sox Field to Fullerton.

At least two entered the car with open beer cans carrying an open 24 pack of Old Style, which they nursed through their trip to the Fullerton "L" Stop. In addition, they sporadically opened beer cans, drank, cussed, and otherwise abused the ridership.

Several observers watched as this loaf of butt toast romanced the foam. One slice had the appearance of Sean Penn’s character, Jeff Spicoli, in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Most of his fellow road dawgs screamed, yelled, or otherwise raised their plastered voices oblivious. They repeatedly sung “Roxanne” to a crowd unimpressed with this among other out of tune ballads sung to what appeared to be other toasted students.

The group, which consisted of mostly white University aged adults seemed intent on antagonizing others. They left their Old Style empties in the train car and disembarked at Fullerton around 11:45 p.m. After departing, one of the observers reported that an older man in his thirties started clapping in relief that the crew disembarked at Fullerton. That rider’s appreciation for their departure was not taken lightly.

Although the train doors were closed, the train remained parked for a moment. A few of the drunken DePaul University Sox fans apparently saw the rider’s response. One actually punched the glass where the rider’s head was in forceful disapproval. Apparently, the guy could care less after the punks left.

In hindsight, showing disapproval with the ripped and roasted outside of the presence of Police can be risky. This rider was lucky, perhaps paying attention to the sealed sliding doors; perhaps, he believed that the drunken teens were without weaponry. These totally tanked seemingly white trash DePaul students were so stoned that anything could have happened if the car doors were still open. It is a shame that the University cannot consider babysitters or chaperons before these kids create a mess and get the 24/7 attention they deserve at the Cook County Jail or in the Beat's detox unit.

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