Friday, April 04, 2008

Hit the Road Jack. Close the D, Lee, and Breath out and around RP this Weekend!

The suggestive effort and wisdom is brought to you by those of us aware that our environment is worthy of our attention. How many of us are sitting at home bumming in front of the boob tube? Blogging and beaming our pedantic e-mail into cyberspace as our neighbors walk with little attention given to our solitary confinement? Breath!

Berke will approve! We live in this cloaked environment, caught in our own oblivion of personal intellect. It weaves its web in pathetic cyberspace, Monday comes, and R&R is no more. We didn't water the lawn. The garbage is still on the parkway. The plan to do things was left undone. The trip to the beach just to breath Lake Michigan air will have wait another week, a month, a season, or next year. The bike ride to the lake shore tennis court, the Black Golf Course, and the photo spread now lost in the psyche of brain tissue and nerve synapses.

The trip to the obscure local restaurant or the use of a coupon before it goes out of business or simply expires may be worth the effort. La Cocina? Big Buns, Jamaican Jerk? Amphora? The Blue Nile? Bizmullah? The Big Burrito? The Oakton Street Boat Launch? Leone Beach? J. Millers for a furniture making class? What will we forget about next as we space out in cyberspace about someone else's grief?

I am curious which of my neighbors experienced the wrath of two ignorant thugs in search of chump change, not an apprenticeship with the Plumbing Council. Which of my neighbors or outsiders were ignorant enough to harass a local out of 12 measley bucks? Where was I with my cell phone or a pair of eyes to check out the goobers who had nothing better to do? I guess that I will be taking a few photos this weekend. Maybe I'll post them.

Perhaps, these photos will be a little more appealing or inspiring than a teddy bear and an empty vodka bottle elevated on an oak park bench? I hope the photographer cleaned up the mess when he was done. Maybe, I'll have to do it. Maybe someone else has the time. Maybe someone wants to check out the RP Train Station this weekend? The RP Garden Club deserves some praise for its efforts!

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