Sunday, April 13, 2008

Views Down Ridge, Hoyne and Jarvis: A Neighborhood in Transition

I thought that I'd walk the dog and took the camera with me. This is undervalued real estate in a Reasonably safe community. Check out the amenities and the balconies. Properties identified. If you check out Casa Bonita, to the left, then look at the nice sized Spanish Revival Swimming Pool, bike storage, and the babysitting area with fish tank, among other things.

This is one of the smaller homes on Ridge. There is a row of these homes directly east of St. Scholastica. This one looks like it is in need of rehab. Maybe the owner passed away or it was taken over by the State. There are others in better condition. What surprises me is the absolute ignorance. La Cocina di Donatela is within a hundred feet, not to mention Evanston. However, someone has to pick up the garbage and its going to have to be homeowners.

Closer to the corner of Ridge and Howard, we find this neverending for sale sign. Earth to home owner, earth to home owner! Pick up the litter, repeat, pick up the litter!

The townhome in this property has been under contract with numerous agents. What's the point? I mean, you can't easily sell a property with garbage strewn all over and plastic bags hanging from the trees! Where are the marketing brains in this

establishment? What is the point of this listing?

In my opinion, this property has one of the most poorly maintained front yards on the block. Does anyone have any interest? Or do they want to hire some landscaper, but no one wants to fork out the dough?

Further down is Deta's Cafe as if anyone noticed. Has anyone stopped and eaten at this place? What is the deal with the bread? Is this the vegetarian place that people are talking about? I was out walking the puppy, so I couldn't walk in.

If someone has something nice to day about Deta's, or the owners sees this, then I would love to hear about it.

On the voyage down Hoyne just north of Jarvis, there is serious rehabbing going on. This is a block in transition. These condo's have got to be a steal! They are one block east of Saint Scholastica. Are there any St. Scholatica Alums, who know better? Frankly, the bike trip to the future Howard Street Terminal Bike Racks is not so far, where you don't need deeded parking.

Jarvis has a few cameras set up on the buildings and quite a few rehab dumpsters next to gut jobs. Just southeast where Damen and Chase meet is Mom's Kitchen, which is a Jamaican Restaurant. Has anyone eaten there? It's closed on Sundays, but I saw some tables and a take out counter.

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