Sunday, April 06, 2008

CAPs 2424's Positive Loitering Makes a Difference - Parent Park Group Planned

A group of about 15 met at the corner of Custer (Damen) and Howard and had a great one hour walk in both Chicago and Evanston.

Positive effects of the walk. It displaced questionable loiterers and gave everyone a little exercise, as well. The presence, as a group (adults, children, and dogs) was sufficient to make them reconsider staying there.

Expect regular walks in the future. Evanston does them starting in late Spring. If we want a safer neighborhood, we need to do the same on our side. In addition to walks, a suggestion was made to start a Network2424 Parents Park group for the summer for Pottawattomie Park. Getting parents to the park is great, but making them part of an indentifiable group strengthens their presence.

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Michael J. Harrington said...

Hey, somebody call the Pulitzer committee! This post is great writing. Thanks for keeping a sharp eye on the neighborhood.