Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dog Doo dilemma Down Ridge Boulevard

The dog poop must be picked up or you unleash the beasts within us. I have never gone for the simple draconian fix, because the consequences often seem like overkill. Banning people from pooches due to a few irresponsible twits or a stray mutt serves no purpose. However, anyone who claims that their dog will not do what in life it is compelled to do on or off leash is either naive or used to the smelly stuff evacuating from their namesake.

Nevertheless, if you criminalize all who create, cook, keep, or co-exist in a manner that unintentionally disrespects one's neighbors, you usually do another wrong. Our 49th Ward political mindset is ban first, foogetabout asking questions later. Those who offend us the most are likely not paying attention to these neighborhood news or special interest stories.

Well, I like to cut the lawn every once in a while. I also like to walk on it, when it is thick enough. Sometimes, to get to my car, I need to step on someone's lawn to safely get the kids into their seat. I may pick up the soccer or base ball that has been thrown or left in the front yard. When I do, my hope is that the neighbors who own canines will have a bit of sensitivity for the above experiences. Dog doo has consequences and can delay and deny some of the most simple pleasures and responsibilities with stinking consequences.

The impression that results in the aftermath of clean up is not necessarily pro-pup. This mindset is not only left on the sole, but on the mind and the olfactory sense. In a nutshell, we look forward to more responsible dog owners. What does this mean?

If you see dog doo in your neighbors yard, don't feel sorry for him and waltz away with Zsa Zsa in tow. There are certain tools at your immediate disposal to care for your collie. These items may have been meant for your molly, I know, but you may be able to make those of us with simple minds and messy sneakers forget that one event. Your sensitivity in picking up after the pooch may prevent event number two or three or four of the summer.

Now, I understand, that I may be asking too much of those who have more challenged gag reflexes, but think about how it feels for us, absent of dog. Sometimes, the grass grows high and the poop gets covered. Sometimes, we are focusing on the kids and our ability to fixate on the Keds are limited. In those moments of distraction before agony, we hope that your foresight and eyesight may give us the hindsight to enjoy our neighbors with dogs. Yes, dogs are capable of being one of man's best friend, but this is not always an easy sell to your neighbors.

We appreciate those who maybe more sensitive and provide support. We hope that RP dog owners will find a way to convey their appreciation of the above impression to the less sensitive dog owners on Ridge Boulevard. Otherwise, maybe Moore can force dogs to learn to do the doo doo in the kitty litter.

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