Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Challenges of a Rogers Park Dogwalker

We have seen the posts, whether it is from Broken Heart or The Inconsistent. The issue, what to do with the poop positioned on the parkways? As a dog walker, I know the answer: just pick up it. To all of those convinced that being lazy will work, just wait until you wallow in it.
Yes, late night experiences stepping on the parkway don't always do everyone justice. However, if you walk your dog, chances are you are more likely to land a sandal in it, if not a Sorel, or a Nike. Bags make the process easy. Rather than repeat, another 'blogspotter' has provided an easy to use online instruction manual for those so inclined. Frankly, a Dominicks bag will work and most will deify the deed even if it is not from your dog. It will also help if other neighbors keep track of those who cannot seem to 'bag it.'
Whether or not you canter with your canine, cleaning up, even if you it is not your puppy makes good sense. Scrubbing your shoes at the sink after the fact doesn't. Once you have stepped on 'DC' a few times or maybe observed the rodent population at a rare moment, you begin to appreciate Chicago's 'DC' ordinance.
If you pick up after your pooch, among others, then bring a few extra bags. You, too, can avoid misery in the future. Yes, we all should have a few bags to share. Perhaps, there is someone over at 7333 North Ridge, who could use an extra baggie. If you are out there, just ask and we'll answer. Bumming those doggie bags are easier to easier 'to bum' than a cigarette.
There is no excuse; Chicago has an ordinance. The anti-dog crap rule is meant to keep the rat population down, as well as the frustration level of your neighbors and their visitors. Perhaps, your visitors may step in it! As I walked my dog, one of your fellow residents at 7333 North expressed frustration with dog owners like me. The German Shepherd looks cute, but cut the crap.

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