Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chicago's Finest Need to Focus - Craig's List Crooks

I had the chance to review the 12/19 chatter on the bogus RP car sale to the poor cheese heads from up north. Think about it; asking for a money order or cashiers check from a bank is appropriate. When a seller insists on cash, then you are pretty much a walking porcelin piggy bank.
That said, no one deserves to get robbed.

The challenge is that Chicago's Finest rarely spend enough time to investigate these sorts of robberies unless someone is murdered. This is sad, because the next robbery can end in murder.

Other issues abound. There are many issues that Steans and other legislators rarely take up.
For example, for years, perhaps, decades, CPD evidence techs are without the ability to use flourescent fingerprint materials. Instead, they are limited to cheap-0 powder and the results are beyond pathetic. If you want flourescent, you have to summon the Illinois State Police based upon my understanding. Efficient internet investigation training? A pipedream?

All that Police need to do to stop it is to track the e-mail and the CL entry. The information from the Craigslist account remains on a hard drive. Criminals are dumb. Once the info is on the hard drive, deleting won't work.

This may be an arguably solvable crime, but getting police to subpoena CL or the ISP involved for the coordinates on the computer is pretty much the battle. Yes, other issues abound, but than again, sometimes it becomes a no brainer. Are investigators lazy? Do the right folks get the promotion?

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