Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flashing in Public

Murder is murder. Flashing in public is foolish. Having witnessed the hostility generated from such a transaction, it is difficult for me to completely accept the explanations given. Teens want to make statements just like the dude in the doo rag. Impressionable kids are programmed by folks and people to kill over spilled milk. It is not difficult to imagine that there is more to the story. Yet, I was not there nor were most of us when Isiah Stroud was stabbed, so speculation abounds. Why did Isiah run blood, rather than run? My hope is that more appreciate that life is sacred. Teens need to accept that restraint is often a lifesaver.

Cars 'usually turn around' when the wrong response is generated. Yet, fighting over foolishness is F-ed up. I have witnessed a stabbing in the past. The victim, a tow truck driver, acted like a fool, IMHO. Perhaps, Isiah Stroud could have avoided the pain regardless of the idiotic act against him, his family and his friends. Social suicide need not last a lifetime.

Disrespect never justifies the taking of another's life. Regardless of whether, we once lived in a world where the hotheads' dueled and sudden violence was a means of ending all shortsighted concerns over disrespect. If those who minimally disrespected or are disrespected die over a thoughtless taunt, then do they serve justice with the taking of life? Murder is immoral.

The psychological game of stupidity ends when more of the ignorant integrate with more of the intelligent. This won't happen until the neighborhoods and suburbs economically balance out. There are many more Chicago wards that need to accept scattered site housing. Of course, there are many suburbs too prejudiced to find a place for those who need to witness success that comes from something other than a drug deal.

Rogers Park will only improve if our Alderman, among others, appreciate economic diversity need not be strongly tilted in favor of the less industrious and skilled. People who will not afford to live in a neighborhood and fail to demonstrate appropriate sidewalk manners deserve to be geographically evicted to another ward or area for their next lease. However, few LEAs coordinate with Section 8 Housing Administrators to flesh out challenged families or refer them to appropriate agencies for attention. I wonder if this was a Senn-Sullivan thing?

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