Sunday, January 04, 2009

Recent Outbursts - A Rap on Rogers Park's Poor Grammar

What amuses me is the creative license that all of us take, some more than others, to mangle written English. Why contort words and sentences into a condition that suggests ignorance? Why should a writer display raging pride in their poor dicta? When is ignorance considered brilliance? I suppose when it makes a recording artist money. Frankly, All others need not apply unless they need the negative attention!

Of course, I must assume that a few of the pseudonyms posted on blogs like the Broken Heart come from those who post as individuals in good faith. Hopefully, we lack the sort of 'Sybil Dorset' multiple personality type that enjoys messing with the minds of those who respond! Is there a Flora Shreiber in the house? Craig, can I safely assume that Jammo, et. al are not you, Westgard, or Mannis, among others. Are personalities presented in an effort to envision some sort of opposing viewpoint? Revolution for the hell of it?

Why should poor English skills seem acceptable to anyone? I suppose that sort of display attracts negative attention. Also, it encourages unneeded defensive rage. Who wants to hire someone with such poor grammar? Perhaps, there is a niche, but most would rather hire someone who can speak a language, even if it is reasonably fluent Spanish.

Of course, 'rap' or 'slang' has always been in vogue among the radical chic who can cash in on it. Yet, in the last two decades it seems like some kids want to perpetually "dummy down" their grammar. At times, it may appear to some like a psychotic display. I suppose that some must create a cryptic code to share with an 'in crowd,' but the average joe thinks they may be on some other juice!

Again, it is one thing to publish a book or record an album that uses rap to commercially capitalize on a trend. Also, those who are less educated from the Bayou must express themselves in any way possible. However, those who have access to an education should not blatantly ignore the training. There is nothing prejudice or racist about expressing the above. There should be no pride in ignorance.

However, using words like "white" and "black," rather than French (e.g. Spanish, English, etc) or African (e.g. Ethiopian, Filipino, Jamaican, Antiguan, Cuban, Brazilian, Somalian, etc.) seems a bit racially motivated upon either complexion. Life is not that simple. Racists are not limited to those with less melanine. Bigots are of all complexions, purported faiths, and nationalities. However, all of us has a red tongue, so I suppose that we have to stick it out every once in a while.

Death is universal and heaven is an unreasonable substitute.

It is okay to contemplate, we are all capable of making ignorant inferences and statements, but live and let live.

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