Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dog Days of Winter; MacArthur Returns, Crap Abounds.

The lack of posting can come for a number of reasons. I don't like to promote my traveling for a variety of reasons. We cashed in years of frequent flyer miles months ago. As a result, we took the indirect route to LAX via Nola for those who know LA. We arrived to experience the wrath of graffiti in Malibu and Oxnard California, among other CA locales. That was an awakening! No graffiti blasters there!

Man, what an education! Craig should travel down PCH and experience the situation on the ground. I understand that Malibu has its share of drug rehabs, as well. Of course, with a view that incredible, who has time to view the chicken scratch, among other things? I wonder if those in rehab reside at Malibu by day and head south to Venice Beach by breakfast? Of course, there is a Phoenix House right on the Venice Beach strip, as well. The belief is to immerse the rehabilitated right back into the crap that got them into their mess. Yet, life is a bit more optimistic over on Oxnard Boulevard!

Upon return from LAX via O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, I stepped into mother earth and the debatable German Shepard's crap from the apartment dweller at 7333 North. Yes, I speculate based upon the size and past observations. That dog owner never seems to have a bag with him and moves his dog from squat to squat without a thought. Yes, home sweet home. I must learn to make light of the few folks raging about old news that took place before I left. Well, at least there is one arrest and a second one with an APB. Why dwell on the loss and sit on our hands?

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